"Caius said he customized this ship."
Vala Mal Doran[src]

Caius' Tel'tak was a Tel'tak modified by Caius to his advantage.


Caius was a smuggler and used this as an effective way of getting away in tough situations. One of the modifications was a Phantom vessel generator, which was able to project multiple phantom ships to confuse any other vessel's sensors. The modification was visually seen as well. Another modification was a Pulse wave generator which causes other ship's power levels to spike and overload, taking them a couple of minutes to restore their ship's primary systems. (SG1: "The Ties That Bind")


At some point, Vala Mal Doran borrowed this ship from Caius after he became a monk. The ship somehow fell into the hands of Jup and Tenat of the Lucian Alliance. Sometime later, when Vala and Dr. Daniel Jackson were linked together with the Kor mak bracelets, Caius agreed to exchange the Ring of Shen Marak for the ship. In order to get the ship back, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Teal'c posed as bounty hunters looking to turn Vala and Daniel over to the Alliance for the reward. At the meeting on an uninhabited planet, Jup took Vala and Daniel to the ship while Tenat stayed with Mitchell and Teal'c. Jup locked Vala and Daniel in the cargo hold but they were able to escape and take control of the ship. Vala flew the ship to Mitchell and Teal'c's location and ringed them aboard. Vala then headed into orbit but they were surrounded by Alliance ships. Vala used the Phantom vessel generator to create the energy signature of four Al'kesh and tried to escape. When the of the Alliance ships followed, Vala used the Pulse wave generator to overload the ships power systems and escaped into hyperspace. They then returned the ship to Caius in exchange for the ring. (SG1: "The Ties That Bind")


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