Daniel Jackson: "Colonel. He's our head trader."
Burrock: "Colonel... I like that. In that case, you can call me Colonel Burrock."
―Daniel Jackson explaining what a colonel is to Burrock.

Burrock was an Unas tamer and salesman of high stature on his planet.



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In his life he had seen the Unas as little more than beasts of burden to do his will. At one point he had spent countless hours at the pedestal of the Dial Home Device, entering endless combinations until he successfully dialed the original home world of the Unas, P3X-888, from a gate address which he bought from a family which had the address. While on P3X-888 he captured Chaka in the hopes of introducing new blood into their slaves' genetic line. Burrock was intrigued when Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson arrived. However, when he found that they were there to take Chaka home, he imprisoned them with a horde of Unas. Upon SG-1's escape to the Stargate, he was killed point-blank by a Staff weapon wielded by Chaka himself. (SG1: "Beast of Burden")


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