"A perfect animal to do my bidding."
Michael Kenmore

The Bug People, also known as Iratus-Human Hybrids, Iratus Hybrids, Wraith Bugs and as Iratus Wraith, are a type of Iratus Hybrids genetically engineered species that were created in the Pegasus galaxy.


"So now I find myself hunted by both humans and Wraith. So you can understand my need to protect myself -- to survive."
Michael Kenmore

The Bug People were created by the genetic manipulations of the outcast Wraith known as Michael Kenmore who found himself hunted by both his own kind and Humans due to his altered hybrid appearance. In order to better protect himself, he decided on the creation of a type of foot soldier that would protect him from harm. To accomplish this, he made use of the Iratus bug and followed a process that mimicked the evolution of the Wraith species. Using captive Humans, he allowed the Bug to gorge itself on the Human prey until it was full, a procedure that led to the death of the subject. After that, he waited for the creature to pass on the genetic material it had ingested into its offspring's egg. It was at this point that Michael began his manipulation.


The Bug People converging on Ronon.

With enough Human DNA in the egg, Michael began to augment the resulting creatures physiology. There were numerous failures in the process but eventually Michael found a balance between strength, speed and agility. Numerous facilities bred these creatures and one was discovered by the Atlantis expedition who stumbled upon the base after which they destroyed it. However, not before Michael revealed that similar facilities were spread across the galaxy and his large force of Bug People managed to escape from the planet. (SGA: "Vengeance")

Later on, Michael came to realize how crude his experiments on the Bug People were and seemed to discontinue their development in favor of the more intelligent Hybrids. It is unknown what happened to them as they haven't been seen since, but Michael may have destroyed them as a failed experiment. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1")


"Extraordinary, aren’t they?"
Michael Kenmore

A cocoon of a developing Iratus Wraith.

The creatures were bipedal in form and despite their similar evolution as the Wraith themselves, these Bug People were far more animalistic in appearance. They possessed insectoid style heads with mandibles surrounding the mouth as well as a blueish chitinous exoskeleton covering their bodies with a hard shell on their back. This level of protection provided them some ability to survive weapon fire directed at them, however, their abdominal region lacked this material making it a vulnerable spot through which the creature can be killed. Their arms were longer and possessed three digits. They did not appear to demonstrate any form of communication abilities and their degree of intelligence was unknown.

The Bug People gestated in large cocoons that were fixed to the ceiling. Once their development was complete, the creature simply burst from its cocoon and became a grown adult. (SGA: "Vengeance")

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