Dr. Brightman is a female of the Tau'ri. She is a member of Stargate Command and later of Homeworld Command and who for a time served as the SGC's Chief Medical Officer following the death of her predecessor, Dr. Janet Fraiser.

Brightman served as Chief Medical Officer for a year before she was later replaced by Dr. Carolyn Lam, the daughter of the SGC's newest commanding officer, Major General Hank Landry.



When Anubis tried to escape through the Stargate while inhabiting the bodies of various Stargate Command personnel, she took care of the people that were injured by his presence. She was unable to treat Colonel Alexi Vaselov as his body was badly damaged from being occupied by Anubis for a protracted period. (SG1: "Lockdown")



Brightman's consciousness aboard Destiny.

Five years later, Brightman was contacted for assistance in removing an alien tracker implant from near Dr. Rush's heart. She exchanged places with Chloe Armstrong via the long-range communication device. Though she had misgivings about the haphazard setup, she started the surgery. Just as she spotted the device, the connection was broken due to heavy weapons fire on the shields, leaving Tamara Johansen to complete the surgery. (SGU: "Divided")

Following the momentary victory of the Lucian Alliance in their attempted takeover of Destiny, Brightman was one of the four doctors called in by Varro to treat the wounded. She switched with Camile Wray. Though she failed to save Kiva and TJ's baby, she was able to save TJ. When Dannic took charge in the wake of Kiva's death, the link was severed and Brightman was returned to her own body. (SGU: "Intervention")

Brightman was on-staff at the hospital where Marian Wallace was being treated. She requested that Eli Wallace be called in from Destiny to speak with his mother, as her failing health was due to depression. She urged Eli to bring Marian out of her depression, as her health depended on it. (SGU: "Pathogen")


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