Brian Volger was the right-hand man of Alec Colson, responsible for the financial operations at Colson Industries.



For six months, Vogler worked against his will with The Trust, who assured him that his family and co-workers would be at risk if Colson used his fame and fortune to reveal the presence of alien life to the world. When Colson revealed a cloned Asgard to the people of Earth, the Trust attempted to assassinate both him and Colson by disabling their private plane. When this did not work, they instructed Vogler to sign false financial statements for the company to diminish his best friend's credibility. Because of this, no evidence presented by the company could be trusted. Vogler's family was taken into protective custody, but Brian, who felt he betrayed Alec and everything he stood for, hanged himself in his bathroom, though it is speculated that the Trust had murdered him and staged the scene to make it look like suicide. (SG1: "Covenant")