The bosun of the Achilles is a male Tau'ri who was part of the ship's crew when it transported the Stargate from Egypt to the United States of America.



In 1939, Bosun was a part of the crew of the Achilles and was annoyed with how Captain Mitchell kept zigzagging the ship across the Atlantic Ocean to avoid U-boats. When there was a rumbling, the Captain ordered Bosun to check that the cargo was secure. Arriving in the cargo hold, Bosun discovered an alternate timeline version of Colonel Cameron Mitchell, the grandson of his captain. Bosun mistook Mitchell for the captain and Mitchell warned Bosun that they were about to be boarded and armed him with a Thompson submachine gun. Though confused, Bosun took up position on one side of the Stargate and joined Mitchell in killing the Jaffa that emerged. After Mitchell killed Ba'al, Bosun killed the last Jaffa who was carrying a bomb. Moments later, the two men were joined by Captain Mitchell, leaving Bosun confused by the situation. (SG1: "Continuum")

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  • A bosun (also spelled "boatswain") is the head of a ship's deck crew, and is responsible for maintaining all components of the ship that aren't the purview of the engineer.

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