Boone is a Tau'ri Doctor in an unknown field, who was assigned to the Icarus Base in 2009.



In 2009, he and 80 others fled the base after an attack against the base, and evacuated to the Ancient ship Destiny. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")

After the ship's power reserves were depleted only after a few days from arrival, the ship went for a collision course to a star. An Ancient shuttle could house seventeen people to be sent to a habitable planet, so a lottery was required. His name was chosen, and he evacuated to the ship. After it was realized Destiny went to the star to recharge its power, Boone and the other sixteen were able to arrive back to the ship before it jumped into FTL. (SGU: "Light")

Weeks later, he was part of a reconnaissance team to search through a few newly secured sections on the ship, which was where the Destiny interface chair was located. He later monitored the Long-range communication device when Colonel Everett Young confronted his wife and Colonel David Telford. However, Telford called Homeworld Command to disconnect the stones. When Young returned, Boone noted that someone on the other end shut down the stones. (SGU: "Life")

According to Dale Volker Boone could do a passable interpretation of Dr Kane. Although, Adam Brody suggested it was the other way around (SGU: "Visitation").

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