"I will tell you this: no matter where you flee, we will find you -- just as surely as we will find Earth. And when we do, we will feast."
―'Bob' before being shot by John Sheppard[src]

Bob was the name that Major John Sheppard gave to a Wraith commander that infiltrated Atlantis.



This Wraith commander had been sent to do reconnaissance work for the approaching Hive ships in a modified Wraith Dart. When nearing Atlantis he meet with resistance from three Puddle Jumpers. He fired on the first Jumper, destroying it and killed Sgt. Markham and Smith. He continued to the city and was pursued by the other two Jumpers. He scanned the city and transmitted the data before beaming into the city and self-destructing his ship. (SGA: "The Brotherhood")

Bob, having been shot to death by John Sheppard.

A short time later, while scouting one of the Naquadah generators, Sgt. Bates spotted him and he seriously injured Bates. After Dr. Carson Beckett discovered Wraith DNA on Bates' uniform, the Atlantis expedition was alerted to his presence. Using the biometric sensor array, they were able to capture Bob, but he would not reveal anything. Teyla Emmagan tried to link to him telepathically, but Bob attacked her mentally. Sheppard then shot Bob. Since he had not fed in sometime, Bob was severely wounded. He told Sheppard that they would find Earth—and feast. Soon after Sheppard executed him. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1")


While arguing with Sheppard about Teyla being what she called "Bloodtainted", Dahlia Radim tells him that Sora Tyrus overheard some of her guards discussing the attack on Sgt. Bates and that Teyla did it. Sheppard tells Dahlia that it was a Wraith commando, but Dahlia dismisses his assertions. (SGA: "The Lost")

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