Doctor Biro was a medical pathologist and member of the Atlantis expedition from its first year of operation.



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Dr. Biro was instructed by Dr. Carson Beckett to examine the bodies of Dr. Wagner, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Dumais when they succumbed to an Ancient nanovirus. She soon determined the victims were killed by a ruptured saccular brain aneurysm just above the visual cortex. (SGA: "Hot Zone")

Dr. Biro was later seen during an emergency meeting to try and find a way to prevent Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's conversion into a Human-Wraith hybrid. (SGA: "Conversion")


On the mandatory rest day, she was in her quarters when Dr. Carson Beckett came to ask her to go fishing with him, because Dr. Rodney McKay canceled on him. Unfortunately, for her, (and in that respect Beckett himself) he didn't ask after he realized she talked too much. (SGA: "Sunday")

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