"This is a biometric sensor we've had online for past month or so. It detects irregularities in biometric rhythm and reports them."
Radek Zelenka[src]

The Biometric sensors are a type of sensors that not only detect Life Signs, in addition, are capable of differentiating between life signs of different races, like Goa'uld and human, etc.

Only two races are seen capable of this feat.

Atlantis Biometric Sensor ArrayEdit

The biometric sensor array is a console found in Atlantis that was moved to Stargate Operations by the Atlantis expedition in their first year. The console activates the internal (and external) sensors and is able to locate and differentiate between life forms. The console was activated after being touched by Chaya Sar (who was an Ancient) which led Dr. Rodney McKay to believe she was not who she claimed to be (SGA: "Sanctuary"). Later that year the device was used to locate a Wraith hiding in the city. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1")

The array was used by Rodney McKay to locate John Sheppard who was turning into a bug creature mid-2005. (SGA: "Conversion")

It is unknown if other Ancient ships possessed this type of sensor array.

Asgard Biometric SensorsEdit

The asgard possesses biometric sensors capable of distinguishing human/Goa'uld even from the orbit in all his ships, and in a lab of the Adara System.


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