"A living, radioactive, genetic material that may be designed to attack and destroy only the specific DNA of your enemy. We have a number of efficient delivery systems."

Biogenic weapons are biological weapons created by the Aschen to destroy enemy species in a single blow. They are composed of an unknown form of living, radioactive material that can be programmed to target and destroy a specific type of DNA while leaving other species unharmed. The range of these devices is unknown, although it can be assumed that they are capable of inflicting damage on a planet-wide scale. As a result, a single biogenic weapon is likely all that is required to kill all of an entire species on a planet. After the truth about the Aschen is discovered on Volia, they attempt to send a biogenic weapon to Earth. However, Major Samantha Carter managed to escape through the Stargate and warn the SGC to close the iris on the Earth Stargate, destroying the weapon before it could be used. (SG1: "2001")

During the battle over Kytos, Mirris launched biogenic weapons from her warship at the Pack vessel Wanderer in hopes that destroying the Wanderer would cause the Pack to lose the will to fight. Most of the missiles were destroyed by defending forces, but a single one got through and unleashed a biogenic weapon into the Wanderer. Most of the people within manage to escape, but some do not and die of the weapon. With the Wanderer uninhabitable due to the weapon, it is flown into Kytos' sun. (SG1: "Relativity")

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