Rodney McKay: "Watch who you're correcting, Science Guy! My Ph.D. is not honorary!"
Bill Nye: "Hey, look! I'm an engineer! I can do math!"
―McKay and Nye attempt to collaborate[src]

Bill Nye (born as William Sanford Nye), best known as Science Guy, is an American comedian, television host, science educator and mechanical engineer.



He was invited to Malcolm Tunney's scientific presentation on Earth and global warming in 2008. When the experiment Tunney was performing got out of hand, Bill Nye helped fix the problem. He also appears to be friends with Neil deGrasse Tyson. (SGA: "Brain Storm")


  • Bill Nye is one of the few people to appear in Stargate as themselves.
  • Bill Nye also appears as a fictionalized version of himself in the third-season episode of Blindspot, Let It Go (s03e20), as the father of FBI scientist Special Agent Patterson who was upset his wife, her mother, was publishing a joint paper "with none other than Dr. Rodney McKay. He's my academic rival!". This suggests that Blindspot shares the same universe with the Stargate franchise. Blindspot was created by Martin Gero who had also written Brain Storm although he did not write the said Blindspot episode.

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