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"Big Mistake" was the twenty-fourth episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers Summary

Seattle attempts to help the Motai, an alien race living on an arid planet, with a bold irrigation plan. But when her plan goes awry, it places the Motai and everyone else in peril.


The team arrives on a desert planet in the middle of a sandstorm and meets Mashuma of the Mo'Tai people and his tribe. Seattle leads the group in helping the Mo'Tai find buried water and then finds an irradiated rock that could be used to power the pumps but Seattle soon becomes impatient to help and uses full power, setting off a quake but finding a huge energy rock and an energy sphere that unleashes memories for Seattle of how her father refused to admit his mistake in moving away from their home to the city. Seattle continues and is injured during an excavation but is more determined than ever. Another energy sphere escapes and heads for the village and Ec'co figures out how to trap it long enough for Draga to establish communication with the creature and determine its want to return home to the energy-rocks. Without the rocks, the team comes up with a way to use windmills to run the pumps.


Motai, Energy being, Energy rock being, Seattle Montoya, Shema Montoya, Motai planet

Notable Quotes

Ec'co: In science, we often learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.
Gus: No wonder I never learn anything - I never make mistakes.

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