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{{wikipedia|Between Two Fires}}
{{wikipedia|Between Two Fires}}
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Between Two Fires is the ninth episode of the fifth season of Stargate SG-1.


The death of the Tollan, Omoc, and the sudden reversal of the Tollan isolationist ways sparks an investigation by SG-1 into a deeply rooted conspiracy. After years of refusing to give Earth any of their technologies, Tollana's ruling body, the Curia, offers to give Earth as many ion cannons as it wants. At the same time, Narim alerts SG-1 to the strange circumstances surrounding Omoc's death, suggesting that he may have been murdered.

As it turns out, Tanith, in the service of another Goa'uld, has learned to break through the Tollan defenses - Goa'uld ships now possessing shields capable of preventing even the ion cannons from working against them - and is now manipulating them with threats. Tanith has been sent to oversee a project of building powerful weapons with the Tollan's phase-shifting technology. The Goa'ulds plan to use one of the devices to penetrate the iris on the Earth Stargate, but since they cannot attack without risking the wrath of the Asgard, they try to force the Tollan to launch the weapon for them.

With considerable help from Narim, SG-1 manages to foil the plan and destroy the research facility using an "ineffective" ion cannon, which results in Tanith attacking Tollana. They offer to allow Narim to return to Earth with them, but he refuses, stating that he has led his people into a battle they may be unable to win and he must stay to fight with them. Later on, the SGC receive a garbled transmission from Narim suggesting that the Tollan have fallen.


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  • This episode gives insight into the Tollan homeworld and political system.
  • This episode includes the first mention of Anubis, who Tanith (who is manipulating the Tollan) alludes to as his mysterious new "master".
  • The urban outdoor scenes of Tollana were shot on the main campus of Simon Fraser University (S.F.U.) in Burnaby, a small city just east of Vancouver. The same university location was previously used for the third season episode Pretense when the SG-1 team visited Tollana for the first time.
  • The footage shown of the testing of one of the Tollan weapons of mass destruction is the same footage that was used in the Season 4 episode Chain Reaction during the testing of the Naquadah-enhanced nuclear bomb.
  • The Tollan are apparently wiped out by Tanith at the end of this episode. The last that is heard from them is a garbled mayday from Narim, sent via a Tollan long range communications device. In it, Narim states that the survivors are attempting to leave the planet, but that the Stargate has already been hit and fleeing ships are being destroyed. Just before the message cuts off, Narim's apparent last words are, "I just want you to know that..."
  • Garwin Sanford, who played Narim, would go on to appear as Elizabeth Weir's former fiancé Simon in Stargate Atlantis.


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