"We were very impressed with that beta cun...candy stuff."
Jack O'Neill[src]

Beta-Cantin was a type of medicine used by the Eurondan civilization.


This medicinal compound was typically administered into the body with its effects being almost immediate, resulting in a quick healing of the body. Despite being given to a person, it took some time before it achieved its full effect.

Its unknown whether Beta-Cantin only worked on humans or was efficacious for other species as well.


While waiting for SG-1 at the Stargate on Euronda, Alar was injured by falling debris that came due to an assault by the Breeders bombers. His lieutenant came to him and administered the Beta-Cantin to his body, in order to heal him of any injuries he had suffered.

SG-1 attempted to negotiate a trade of Eurondon technology which included Beta-Cantin for Earth's Heavy water. However, after the discovery of the truth about the war with the Breeders, the diplomatic negotiations ended. (SG1: "The Other Side")

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