The Battle of P2M-903 took place in 2006 between the Tau'ri and the remnant of the Goa'uld Empire under System Lord Ba'al on P2M-903 after the kidnaping of Teal'c during his campaigns to regain power.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

"As a united nation, you are young and inexperienced, too weak to face an adversary as powerful as the Ori. Gerak proved that. What you need right now is a strong leader. One with the mind and experience to wage war on such a foe."
Ba'al to Teal'c[src]

The Jaffa High Council is debating over a proposal to dissolve the Council and have free election for the new government, when one by one the supporters of this action turn against it. After Ka'lel and Maz'rai, the strongest campaigners for democracy turn against it, Bra'tac and Teal'c try to find out why this happened and to convince those yet undecided of their cause.

At the same time, Teal'c gets kidnapped on Dakara. Bra'tac and Dr. Daniel Jackson investigate his disappearance and, after an interrogation of U'kin, Bra'tac realizes brainwashing is at work. Meanwhile, in his prison, Teal'c discovers that Ba'al is behind the brainwashing of the Council members in order to get himself chosen as leader of the Free Jaffa Nation. Teal'c resists Ba'al's brainwashing and the Goa'uld tries to convince him by telling him that he will help them against the Ori. Ba'al eventually apparently succeeds in brainwashing Teal'c to his side.

After Teal'c's kidnapping, Bra'tac manages to track Ka'lel to P2M-903 where he discovers Ba'al's Ha'tak landed on a pyramid. The SGC puts together a rescue mission for Teal'c consisting of multiple SG teams. (SG1: "Stronghold")

Battle[edit | edit source]

"Teal'c is family. I don’t like people screwing with my family."
Henry Landry[src]

As the Stargate activates, Ba'al's Jaffa turn their weapons upon, prepared for whatever comes through. However, they are caught by surprise when Bra'tac performs a bombing run in an Al'kesh, clearing the area immediately in front of the Stargate. Bra'tac radios Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter that the Stargate is clear and she leads the rescue team through the Stargate.

Emerging from the Stargate, the SG teams exchange fire with the Jaffa, killing several near the Stargate, but becoming pinned down by a staff cannon and some Jaffa on a nearby hillside. Bra'tac aids the attack further with another bombing run that kills several Jaffa. However, Bra'tac's actions draw the attention of two Death Gliders which begin chasing his Al'kesh, attempting to shoot it down. Finally, after taking several hits, the Al'kesh crashes.

At the same time, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell breaks away from the other SG team members and begins making his way up the hill towards the staff cannon position, taking out several Jaffa along the way. As Mitchell takes aim at the emplacement with a grenade launcher, he is attacked by an injured but alive Jaffa who manages to disarm him. The Jaffa quickly gains the upper hand in a hand-to-hand fight, knocking Mitchell to the ground, but Mitchell is able to take the Jaffa out with a zat. Mitchell then retrieves his grenade launcher and takes out the staff cannon emplacement. Armed with only his zat, Mitchell rushes towards the pyramid and Ba'al's Ha'tak chased by Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson as the other Tau'ri deal with the remaining Jaffa.

On board the Ha'tak, Teal'c has apparently finally succumbed to Ba'al's brainwashing. A smug Ba'al tells Teal'c that while Teal'c's friends have come to rescue him, Ba'al expected it and its "too little, too late." As they talk, the Ha'tak's engines begin to power up and the ship lifts off from the pyramid which is noted by Carter and Daniel as they fight their way towards the Ha'tak. In the pyramid below the Ha'tak, the two Jaffa guards are zatted by Mitchell who attempts to active the pyramid's ring transporter to board the Ha'tak and reach Teal'c, but can't get it working and is confronted by two Jaffa. At the same time, Ba'al's Jaffa bring in a captive and injured Bra'tac and provide Teal'c with a staff weapon, demanding that he kill Bra'tac as proof of his new allegiance.

As Mitchell is faced with the Jaffa, Carter and Daniel arrive and zat both Jaffa before warning that the rest of the Jaffa are retreating towards the pyramid. Facing the possibility that they will all be cut off without escape if they all board the Ha'tak, Carter agrees to send Mitchell aboard the ship alone. As Mitchell and Daniel hold off two more attacking Jaffa, Carter manages to activate the rings, sending Mitchell to the Ha'tak where he zats every Jaffa he comes across.

Bra'tac attempts to talk Teal'c down, but he refuses to listen, glancing at Ba'al who keeps his hand over his kara kesh, apparently preparing to beam out in case of trouble. Before Teal'c can fire, Mitchell arrives and zats Til'Vak and another Jaffa, giving Teal'c the opportunity to suddenly blast Ba'al three times with his staff weapon, killing Ba'al. As Bra'tac struggles with the final Jaffa, Teal'c smashes him in the face with the butt of his staff weapon, taking him out. With Teal'c confirming that he is himself, Teal'c, Mitchell and Bra'tac quickly retreat to the rings to leave the Ha'tak which someone is still piloting away from the planet. (SG1: "Stronghold")

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of Ba'al's defeat, the Free Jaffa Nation holds a vote on democracy that passes, foiling Ba'al's plan completely. The Jaffa who had fallen under Ba'al's brainwashing are also helped to break their brainwashing, ending Ba'al's influence over the Jaffa High Council for good. (SG1: "Stronghold")

Months later, after the real Ba'al or possibly a clone pretending to be the real Ba'al arrives at the SGC, its revealed that the clone who was brainwashing the High Council was actually working with a clone that was stealing Stargates. The plot was for the clone to gain control of the High Council and through it the Dakara superweapon which Ba'al would've then used to kill all life in the galaxy aside from the private network of Stargates he would set up. This way all surviving life in the galaxy would be under Ba'al's rule and the Ori would lose interest and leave. (SG1: "Insiders")

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