The Asuran Base code from Dr. Weir's perspective.

The base code was the main programming inside the Ancient nanites that formed the Asurans. It contained many millions of lines of code, with numerous different commands, including a directive to attack the Wraith.


During use as weaponEdit

The command code was written into the basic nanites that the ancients first created. This contained a directive that made them attack the Wraith. It also contained a command that allowed the nanites to replicate, so as to "increase their effectiveness", as well as several safeguards:

  • The nanites could not harm Lanteans. They identified Lanteans by detecting the ATA gene.
  • They could not alter their own base code. Rodney McKay later allowed them to get around this when he altered their base code to try and remove their programmed hatred.

It also had the directive to attack the wraith once again. It just took Dr. McKay to activate it again.

After the nanites replicated enough to form an macroscopic form - Oberoth - the Lanteans introduced a new command that prevented the human-form replicators from taking the form of any living being.

When the replicators began attacking the Wraith, the Wraith were able to de-activate the command code that made them attack the Wraith. This was still included in their base code, but was just rendered inert.

Atlantis Expedition ChangesEdit

When the Atlantis Expedition found the Asurans, they allowed the Asurans to alter the code, allowing them to remove/alter some aspects of their programming

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