"Bane" is the tenth episode of the second season of Stargate SG-1.


On a mission, Teal'c is stung by a bug which overwhelmed the planet's previous civilization. He soon falls ill, and his symbiote can't heal him. To make matters worse, the NID takes him away to study the effects of the bite. However, he manages to escape and is on the loose. Both the SGC and NID attempt to find him, but things take a serious turn when Jack, Sam, and Daniel return with evidence showing that the planet's population has already fallen to the bugs. It becomes a race to stop a possible worldwide infestation.


SG-1 visits a world named Svoriin, which appears to be at a technological level slightly above that of Earth. The city surrounding the gate, however, appears to be completely deserted, though entirely intact. After a brief recon, SG-1 stops in a plaza to discuss what might have caused the city's abandonment but are interrupted when a large insect lands on Teal'c. Colonel Jack O'Neill moves to shoot the insect off Teal'c, but as he cocks the gun, Teal'c is stung, and the insect flies away.

Captain Samantha Carter and Jack attempt to treat Teal'c's wound with Dr. Daniel Jackson informing his team that they need to flee. When Jack looks up, he sees a swarm of the bugs approaching, and with that, Jack and Sam bring Teal'c with them as Daniel prepares to dial.

Seconds later, at Stargate Command, SG-1 arrive through the gate. Sam yells for a medical team, and Jack orders that the iris be closed. Several insects have subsequently followed SG-1 through the wormhole and can be heard crashing into the locked iris.

Teal'c is later examined by Dr. Janet Fraiser, but he tells her that his symbiote is not healing him.

Fraiser soon explains to SG-1 and Major General George S. Hammond that Teal'c seems to be suffering from a viral infection and that his symbiote is not able to cure it. As well, a blood sample shows that there is a small amount of DNA present that is not Teal'c's. Carter recommends a Dr. Timothy Harlow be brought in to help, as he's already cleared for the Stargate Program and working for The Pentagon in DNA research.

After Harlow arrives, he conducts secondary tests on the blood sample from Teal'c and finds that it is now completely changed to the alien insect DNA. Harlow concludes that the insect's venom is converting Teal'c's DNA into its own, which will eventually convert him into one of the alien insects, and that the Goa'uld symbiote is unable to reverse the process, only slow it down. In the infirmary, Teal'c asks Jack to kill him if there's no hope for recovery, as he does not wish to become the alien insect. Shortly afterwards, Colonel Harold Maybourne arrives at the SGC and gives General Hammond orders to turn Teal'c over to the NID for further treatment and study, if Teal'c cannot be cured and turns into the insect. Carter confronts Harlow, who admits it was he who informed the NID and requested their help. Teal'c is restrained and taken away in a van by the NID but breaks free of his restraints in transit and escapes.

Infestation fly 2

Dr. Harlow removes a venom sample from the insect.

The SGC receives a distress call from the van that was transporting Teal'c, and SG-1 is dispatched, finding the van crashed, but the driver and passengers are alive. SG-1 also finds Junior, which he has deliberately removed, Harlow suggests this is because he is mentally unstable due of the change he is undergoing. The SGC begins a search as Fraiser tries to keep Teal'c's symbiote alive, with limited success. Teal'c uses a two-way radio to contact Jack and tells him to call off the search, Jack asks him to give himself up so they can cure him, but Teal'c drops the radio and continues to flee. A manhunt begins, with the SGC attempting to find Teal'c before the NID can, so that they may resume treating him, rightly suspicious of the NID's intentions. It is realized that Teal'c is outside the SGC's perimeter, however, and therefore outside their jurisdiction. Local police are ordered to report to the NID, so the SGC attempts to quietly locate Teal'c first, though without legal authority.

Fraiser, though, has trouble keeping the symbiote alive and is unable to find a solution. Harlow offers a new type of drug to help Teal'c, but first a sample of the insect venom is needed. Daniel, Carter and O'Neill return to Svoriin and arrive back at the SGC late, but retrieve one of the alien insects. Harlow studies the insect and collects a sample of the venom while SG-1 shows General Hammond video footage of the city, explaining that they found some of the city's former inhabitants, all of which were in very late stages of transforming into not individual insects, but swarms thereof.

Search for Teal'c

Teal'c is beginning to transform.

Teal'c, meanwhile, finds his way into Colorado Springs, and takes shelter in an abandoned building. He is discovered by a young girl, Allyson Martin, who shares a chocolate bar with him. Teal'c asks her to buy him more food, and when she returns, she finds him in a much worse state than when she left, as he is now covered in lesions. Ally suspects that he is wanted by the law and offers him a place to hide in the abandoned building. At the SGC, Harlow is able to find a drug capable of slowing the transformation, and with the assistance of a symbiote, reverse it, but the Goa'uld symbiote is still inexplicably dying. Meanwhile, Major General George S. Hammond is able to have the police report to the SGC instead of the NID, but the President of the United States does not cancel the NID's search.

Super Soaker

Teal'c hands Allyson Martin her new gun.

The NID storms the building in which Teal'c is hiding, but cannot find him, thanks to Ally's hiding place. At the SGC, Fraiser saves the symbiote by providing it with an electrical current. Ally is made even more suspicious by the NID storming of the building, and when she returns to Teal'c, realizes he is in a much more advanced stage of the transformation process, as he is partially covered in a form of cocoon. Ally asks Teal'c if he wants help, he agrees, and Ally makes a call to a friend of her father whom "they can trust". She is eventually put through to Jack O'Neill. Teal'c is located due to Ally and recovers, thanks to Harlow and Fraiser. Harlow makes amends for telling the NID about Teal'c's illness in the first place by destroying the samples of the alien insect so the NID does not get a chance to experiment with it. Teal'c returns to the abandoned building after he is fully recovered and rewards Ally by giving her a new water blaster and spending time playing with her. He even sprays Daniel.


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Notable quotes[]

O'Neill: (to General Hammond, concerning Maybourne) Sir, I request permission to beat the crap out of this man.

Teal'c: Remove yourself from my path.
Punk: Listen to this guy. I'll remove myself when you tell me how they tattoo like that in Chulak.
Teal'c: The skin is cut with an Orak knife, and pure molten gold is poured into the wound.
Punk: Ow, man, don't that hurt when they do that?
Teal'c: (grabbing the kid) Tremendously.

Ally: What's in it for me?
Teal'c: Peanuts and Caramel.

Ally: (to Maybourne) I don't like the way you smell.

Ally: If you stay here, you're a sitting duck.
Teal'c: And ducks are... bad?
Ally: Um... The sitting kind are...

Teal'c: To show my gratitude, I have brought you a new weapon, one with increased range and firepower. (He hands Ally a new water gun)
Ally: Wicked! This is so cool! Have any time to play?
Jackson: Actually we- (Ally shoots Teal'c and runs away)... Guess we shouldn't have loaded it, huh?
Teal'c: (Puts on sunglasses) How else would she defend herself? (He pulls out his own water gun, shoots Daniel, and chases after Ally)


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • In the Australian and Region 2 releases of the DVD Box set, "Spirits" is the next episode in order.
  • The symbol on Allyson Martin's cap appears to be a red biohazard symbol.
  • This episode's plot is somewhat similar to the MacGyver episode "Nightmares", in which MacGyver is poisoned with a hallucinogenic drug and only has a short time before the poison kills him.
  • Ally's initial water gun is a Super Soaker 50. Teal'c replaces it with a Super Soaker CPS-1000. The gun he keeps for himself is a Super Soaker CPS-1500.
  • This episode marks the first time a non-sentient alien creature has been let loose into the gateroom.
  • This is the first time that Junior was not able to heal Teal'c on its own.


  • When SG-1 returns from the planet the second time, the technician says incoming wormhole and confirms that it's SG-1. The gate opens only after she confirms it's SG-1. This is obviously a mistake as the signal confirming SG-1 needs a wormhole to transmit through.
  • When SG-1 goes back to the planet to get a live bug, the address dialed is that of Abydos.
  • During the team's initial recon of the planet, at and around 1:19 a railroad train passes behind the glass building. A few seconds previously, cars appear as well, and a few seconds later, someone or something colored yellow behind the camera is reflected in the window.

Other languages[]

  • Hungarian: Nyolcadik csapás (The Eighth Plague)
  • German: Insekten des Todes (Insects of Death)
  • French: Le Fléau (The Bane)
  • Italian: Veleno (Venom)
  • Spanish: Pesadilla (Nightmare)
  • Czech: Zhouba (Bane)

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