"Baldric, my trusty local guide, says he knows a way into the underground city. He's not exactly thrilled about going under there but, uh, I think I can talk him into it."
Rodney McKay[src]

Baldric was a Human on the Lord Protector's Planet in the Pegasus galaxy.



Baldric was provided as a guide for Dr. Rodney McKay who wished to investigate the region surrounding the Tower city-ship. He made McKay aware of the risk of being so close to the tower, aware that the Lord Protector's Guards were on patrol, and was familiar with the risks of tunnel collapse in the underground catacombs.


Baldric in the Tower.

When Baldric took McKay to an underground opening leading to the Tower's catacombs, they became trapped shortly after finding the Drone weapon storage room. However, McKay had a cunning plan to use a drone to dig a shaft through the rock above to send out a radio signal to contact the rest of his team for help.

After becoming aware of Otho's plans to destroy the village, he and McKay went to the city's Auxiliary Control Room and drained the city's Zero Point Module by activating the Tower's Stardrive. (SGA: "The Tower")


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