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"Bad Guys" is the sixteenth episode of the tenth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 travel to P4M-328 to recover the Clava Thessara Infinitas, but discover that the Stargate there is a museum piece without a working Dial Home Device, and they can't go back. Things get worse when they are spotted by the natives. Believed to be rebels, SG-1 is forced to hold everyone hostage.

Previously on Stargate SG-1

Vala Mal Doran is kidnapped by Athena and The Trust in order to access her memories to find the location of the Clava Thessara Infinitas, a storehouse of Ancient treasure.


The SG-1 team, minus Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter - who has gone to The Pentagon to brief them on the consequences the alternate Earth had in revealing the Stargate program - set out to a planet in search of Clava Thessara Infinitas treasure (from the episode "Memento Mori"). Upon arriving at the planet they discover they are in fact inside a museum, which is hosting a party. Choosing to follow protocol and return home - then make contact with the local inhabitants who are unaware of the Stargate through use of the MALP - the team attempt to return home but are unaware that the Dial Home Device is a replica constructed from drawings the natives discovered.

After their initial plan to wait until the team misses their scheduled check in fails, they are mistaken for a band of zealous rebels. After a shootout in the lobby, the museum is set into a lockdown mode. Along with a wounded security guard, many of the patrons of the party are taken as hostages. After insisting their intentions were peaceful the team is forced to pose as kidnappers until the scheduled check-in passes.

After "negotiations" begin, Dr. Daniel Jackson suggests the local task force send in medical personnel to tend to the injured security guard, two medics are sent into the museum. The medics attack Daniel with stun weapons, but are quickly subdued. After the situation Quartus takes command of the negotiations.

Cicero, one of the hostages and a researcher at the museum realizes that this is the incident that will prove his theories about Stargate being a portal allowing travel to other worlds, begins to assist SG-1 and provide them with the steps needed to buy the team enough time to get home. Cicero instructs SG-1 on what demands to make so as to pass off as real rebels.

Jayem Seran, a night-time security guard inside the museum, hopes to be a hero and contacts the authorities outside with an offer to help take down SG-1.

While searching for possible fragments of the destroyed DHD, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Vala Mal Doran discover one of the many Goa'uld artifacts in the exhibits in the museum: a Naquadah bomb. After Jayem attempts to 'save' Cicero from his 'captors' Mitchell and Vala, he attempts to find the other 'rebels'. When he leaves Cicero continues to assist Mitchell and Vala. When Mitchell and Vala capture Jayem, they return to Cicero but discover he has disappeared. Vala activates the timer on the Naquadah bomb, forcing Jayem to enter his security access code. Upon discovering that the bomb cannot be De-activated Mitchell and Vala begin to connect the bomb to the Stargate in order to dial out.

After Cicero, who had escaped the museum, informs Quartus of the 'rebels' true identity, he instructs his Special Forces team to storm the museum. As SG-1 retreats back, they are ambushed and captured by Quartus's military forces. Mitchell then makes a plea to Quartus to let them return home. Mitchell informs him that 'there are worlds and races out there that do intend to do you and your people harm, but we are not one of them' and continues to say that 'we are a peaceful people, but we do not take acts of aggression lying down.' After Mitchell's short speech Quartus agrees to allow SG-1 to travel through the gate. After which, the military commander begins a cover-up and buries the Stargate; creating a cover story that a night guard killed four rebels and saved several hostages. In protest of the cover up Cicero attempts to contact the ruling Viceroy to change the decision, but is assumed to have failed. It is implied that the fact the Stargate is a means of intergalactic travel are one of the rebel movement's beliefs, which would legitimize its position if the information were ever made public.

Stargate Command attempts to make two connections to the world but the Stargate does not establish a wormhole and Major General Henry Landry believes that the world has no interest in establishing relations with other worlds. Effectively, the planet has 'stuck their heads in the sand'.


Algeria; Ansel Adams; Ark bomb; Athena; California; Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter; Cicero's Museum; Circle of Heavens; Clava Thessara Infinitas; Dial Home Device; Dialing computer; Die Hard; Gainord transmitter; Goa'uld; President Henry Hayes; MALP; Naquadah bomb; Naquadah generator; Ori; P4M-328; Seaweed; Star Wars; Stun weapon of P4M-328; Viceroy (Cicero's people); Washington D.C.; Yosemite Valley; Zat'nik'tel

Notable Quotes

Vala: Well then you should say what you mean.
Jackson: I don't think you want me to start doing that.
Vala: I don't think you want to start thinking what I think.

Jackson: We can always dial the Gate manually.
Mitchell: Right. Kick it rotary-style. We still need a power source. What about the MALP?
Jackson: Nope.
Mitchell: Seaweed?
Jackson: Don't go there.

Cicero: I'm published dozens of papers, written a book. No one listens. My colleagues think I'm a bit of a joke.
Vala: Oh Daniel, you've found a kindred spirit.

Sylvana: Oh please. You're not rebels. We're not deaf you know. Everyone in this room knows it.
Jackson: That doesn't matter. You're hostages! We're your captors. We're heavily armed. There's rules. There's a whole school of etiquette to this. Don't eyeball me.

Jackson: We're in no rush.
Quartus: I'm sure the hostages would disagree with that.
Jackson: They're fine. We're not going to hurt them.
(Teal'c gives him a look.)
Jackson: Unless you get cute, in which case there's gonna be killing. And... whatnot.

(Vala is hooking up the Goa'uld Naquadah bomb to the Stargate)
Mitchell: How goes it on our end?
Vala: I think I have it ... maybe.
Mitchell: Vala?
Vala: There's a seventy percent chance that if we dial manually we will be able to establish a connection, and a fifty percent chance that the bomb will just go off.
Mitchell: That's a hundred and twenty percent.
Vala: Well, there's some crossover where we establish a connection and the bomb goes off.
Mitchell: (Into his radio) Jackson, did you catch any of that?
Jackson: Yeah, a hundred percent chance we should have brought someone who knows what they're doing.

(After Teal'c Zats a hostage)
Teal'c: Please remain calm as we attempt to rectify this most unfortunate circumstance.

(Vala activates a bomb)
Jayem Seran: You're insane!
Mitchell: You ever meet a sane rebel?
Jayen Seran: You make a good point.


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  • About 22 filmed minutes of the episode ended up on the cutting room floor.
  • It was during the filming of this episode that the cast and crew learned that Stargate SG-1 had been canceled by the Sci-Fi Channel.[1]
  • Some of the artifacts seen in the museum, as well as the Stargate, include: a pair of Serpent Guard suits, a Horus Guard helmet and a Setesh figurine head, suggesting that this planet had been taken over by a number of Goa'uld over the years.
  • The DHD on P4M-328 is more similar to the Pegasus galaxy DHDs than to the Milky Way ones. Milky Way DHDs have glyphs protruding up from a metal backing which makes up each of the buttons. The Pegasus DHDs have buttons composed of a glossy plastic material with the constellations being fully transparent so as to allow each button to be backlit.
  • Michael Shanks criticized this episode on his blog, calling it "not so good", "not one of my favorites", and "not one of our stronger offerings". He added, "for the first time in a while, I can honestly say that it renders my performance appalling. Note that when Daniel goes off the deep end to the hostages — something completely out of his character and purposely meant as such — there is a missing scene in between there that helped to make the outburst a little more sensible."[1]
    • His performance in this episode is reminiscent more so of Jack O'Neill than of Daniel Jackson.
  • This episode contains many references to the movie Die Hard including the security guard on the inside who makes contact with the hostage negotiator, to whom Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell refers as "John McClane" (the name of Bruce Willis's character in that movie). The suggestion by the chancellor that they are thieves pretending to be terrorists is also a reference to Die Hard.
  • The music at the party was also used in the season 9 episode "Collateral Damage".
  • This episode was written by Ben Browder (with the assistance of Martin Gero). Ben Browder plays Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell. He along with Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson), Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn) and Christopher Judge (Teal'c) are the only main cast (of Stargate SG-1) to write for the series. (Note: at a convention Browder denied actually penning lines for the episode, but does admit to pitching the idea to the writers.)
  • The weapons used by the guards at the party are Skorpion vz. 61s, and are specifically the M84 variant from Yugoslavia.
  • The gun that Jayem Seran is carrying is the COP .357 Derringer.
  • Amanda Tapping (Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter) does not appear in this episode. This was to make up for her appearance in the Stargate: Atlantis episode "McKay and Mrs. Miller".
  • Alistair Abell (Jayem Seran) previously played Patterson in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Avalon, Part 1".
  • Cameron refers to the events of "Avalon, Part 1", "Avalon, Part 2" and "Origin" while General Landry refers to those of "The Road Not Taken".
  • Jayem's uniform shares the colour scheme of the Atlantis expedition uniforms.
  • When Mitchell transmits his IDC, he does so from an Atlantis Expedition style GDO, suggesting that this model is now a standard issue for all SGC teams.


  • After Cicero returns Vala Mal Doran and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell's weapons and they leave to apprehend Jayem Seran, you can see the reflection of one of the crew members (possibly a cameraman) in the display case as Cicero runs off and the camera focuses on the Naquadah bomb.
  • When we see Mitchell examining the Dial Home Device model we can see Earth's Point of origin, which shouldn't be there.
    • However, the symbol was upside down, and therefore may have been a different, albeit very similar symbol.
      P4M-328 DHD
  • When SG-1 and Landry walk through the hallways at the end of the episode, both elevators on the set are clearly visible in the background. In previous episodes it has generally been established that each level of the facility only has one elevator entrance, with one level in the middle that is used as a transfer point between the two shafts (Children of the Gods). Since they are on sub level 28, there should only be one elevator shaft.
  • When Vala and Mitchell dialing out from the planet the chevrons lock in the wrong order. Also as they are rotating the ring to lock in the point of origin chevron three is not locked, yet the wormhole still opens. This means that they dialed and locked in a six chevron address which is not a valid address and should have caused the gate to disengage the other chevrons, requiring Vala and Mitchell to re-dial the entire sequence.
    • When the wormhole does open, chevron three is locked, where before it was not.

In other languages

  • French: Prise d’Otages (Hostage Taking)
  • Italian: I Ribelli (The Rebels)
  • Spanish: Los Malos (The Bad Ones)
  • Czech: Padouchové (The Baddies)
  • Hungarian: Rossz fiúk (Bad Guys)
  • German: Die Geiselnahme (The Hostage Taking)


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