Ba'al clone (Ex Deus Machina) was used as a decoy to trick the Free Jaffa Nation into thinking that Ba'al had been captured and killed.



As Stargate Command launches a cruise missile loaded with symbiote poison at Ba'al's compound on Earth, Gerak's Jaffa attack. Though the real Ba'al and most of his associates escape, the Jaffa manage to capture this clone, believing him to be Ba'al.

As Teal'c berates Gerak's actions before the Jaffa High Council, Gerak arrives and reveals the captured Ba'al, stating that his rash actions were more than justified for the chance to capture Ba'al. Ba'al taunts the gathered Jaffa, telling them that they were born slaves and they will die slaves. Gerak takes a staff weapon and shoots Ba'al in the back, killing him. Ba'al's death at Gerak's hands cements Gerak's power amongst the Free Jaffa Nation.

Upon returning to Earth, Teal'c reports Ba'al's capture and execution to the rest of SG-1. SG-1 explains that in Ba'al's compound they found a lab with equipment and data related to cloning. Thus the Ba'al Teal'c saw executed was most likely a clone while the real Ba'al is still out there somewhere. Despite this, Teal'c chooses not to return to Dakara to reveal the truth to the Jaffa High Council as he knows that it will just seem like an attempt to tarnish Gerak's hard-fought victory and the truth will not be believed. (SG1: "Ex Deus Machina")


  • It is unclear if this clone was the Ba'al responsible for most of the events of "Ex Deus Machina" or if it was Ba'al himself or yet another clone. It's possible that he was the Ba'al responsible however as he wore the same suit the Ba'al responsible for the events did but it's unconfirmed.
  • This Ba'al is the first version of Ba'al to ever be killed.