Ba'al's torture chamber was a special room that was present in one of the System Lord Ba'al's fortress.


The chamber was a large room with a chair present where a Goa'uld would sit down. A doorway was present allowing for prisoners to enter into the chamber after which they are placed on a rack on the wall. Once fastened, the prisoner was secured and incapable of breaking free. A gravity field was present which dragged objects into the direction of the rack.

When activated, the rack moves back sending the person falling down a chamber whereupon they were taken by Jaffa and placed in a holding cell.


While possessed by a Tok'ra symbiote, Colonel Jack O'Neill was captured by Ba'al's forces on a secret research installation. Ba'al then took the Tau'ri to his torture chamber where he began a slow process of painful interrogation resulting in death after which he was resurrected through the Sarcophagus until the point he broke down and revealed all the secrets of the Tok'ra that he had in his mind.

Part of the torture involved knives moved in the rough direction of the rack and even the use of acid. However, O'Neill was freed when Ba'al's installation came under attack from Lord Yu. (SG1: "Abyss")

A year later, when SG-1 raided the ruined fortress, the Jaffa Hadat used the chamber to torture the captured Major Samantha Carter. However, O'Neill, disguised as a Jaffa, stopped the torture and destroyed the control panel with a staff weapon to free Carter. To ensure no one else could ever be harmed there again, O'Neill disintegrated the rack with three zat blasts and he and Carter then dropped grenades down the shaft behind it. (SG1: "A Matter of Honor")