Ba'al's fortress was the fortress base of the Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al on Asdad.


After being kicked off of Kinahhi, Ba'al retreated to his fortress on Asdad. Forbidden from returning to Kinahhi by the System Lords, Ba'al kept the power source for his anti-gravity shield in a shrine in the fortress. (SG1: "A Matter of Honor")

Ba'al eventually began experimenting with gravitational technology in the fortress and the Tok'ra Kanan managed to infiltrate it on a reconissance mission, mapping out the base and its defenses with the help of Ba'al's Lo'taur Shallan. Kanan left the base after the mission was completed but abandoned Shallan who he had fallen in love with.

In 2002, after blending with Colonel Jack O'Neill, Kanan returned to Ba'al's fortress to rescue Shallan after being faced with O'Neill's ideals regarding never leaving someone behind during the blending. The mission failed and Kanan fled O'Neill's body and was presumed dead while O'Neill, killed by Ba'al's Jaffa, was revived in a sarcophagus and repeatedly tortured for information. An Ascended Dr. Daniel Jackson offered to help O'Neill to Ascend himself to avoid this fate, but O'Neill instead pushed for Daniel to give him a fighting chance to escape.

At the same time, after going through Kanan's mission reports, SG-1 realized that Kanan had returned to Ba'al's fortress to rescue Shallan. Thoran of the Tok'ra insisted that even if they were right, the fortress was so heavily defended that even an army couldn't hope to penetrate it and Major General George S. Hammond agreed that any attack was beyond their capabilities. Daniel eventually planted the idea in Teal'c's head while he was in kelno'reem to expose the base's location to another System Lord, Ba'al having hidden it from his fellow Goa'uld. Against the wishes of the Tok'ra, the SGC contacted Lord Yu and sent him the fortress' plans along with a message to target the power generators as that would give O'Neill a fighting chance of escape. Daniel informed O'Neill of his chance just as Yu attacked with a Ha'tak. As requested, Yu targeted the power generators, restoring the gravity field to normal in O'Neill's cell and allowing him to escape. As O'Neill fled the destruction of the base, he took Shallan with him. (SG1: "Abyss")

In 2003, in order to rescue SG-10 from P3W-451, SG-1 began searching for Asdad where Ba'al had hidden the power source for his anti-gravity shield. Daniel, now returned to human form, eventually realized that Asdad referred to the world where Ba'al's fortress was located, something that O'Neill had already guessed. With no other choice, SG-1 raided the fortress which, while heavily damaged by Yu's attack, was still standing. SG-1 was able to retrieve the power source and escape in one of the base's Tel'taks. Suffering further damage in the conflict, the fortress was ultimately completely destroyed as a result of the raid. (SG1: "A Matter of Honor")