Ba'al's Al'kesh was an Al'kesh used by Ba'al.


Ba'al used this Al'kesh to travel to Earth and entered the atmosphere uncloaked. Stargate Command detected their approach and two F-16 Fighting Falcons were dispatched to shoot it down. The ship crashed in a field near Cheyenne Mountain and Ba'al was taken into custody. He demanded to speak to SG-1 and informed them that his clones had turned on him and that they had information on the location of Merlin's weapon. Ba'al informed them that all the clones had locator beacons implanted in them and the Al'kesh contained a tracking system capable of locating them anywhere in the galaxy. After all the clones were tracked down, Ba'al escaped with the help of a brainwashed Agent Malcolm Barrett and stole the list of Stargate addresses from the SGC dialing computer before beaming to his Tel'tak. (SG1: "Insiders")

It is possible that the tracking system aboard this ship was used again to track down the remaining Ba'al clones after the defeat of the Ori. (SG1: "Continuum")