"Avenger 2.0" is the ninth episode of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1.


After his job is threatened, Dr. Jay Felger desperately plans on Avenger, a computer virus that could render a Dial Home Device useless to keep his position in Stargate Command. However, the plan goes awry, as soon, every Stargate in the Milky Way is affected, caused by the virus, which puts the entire galaxy into a stand still.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Dr. Jay Felger and Dr. Simon Coombs ring aboard Khonsu's Ha'tak in an attempt to save a captured SG-1. After arriving on Khonsu's World, Felger and Coombs release SG-1 from their cell and fight their way to the Stargate and return to Earth.


Dr. Jay Felger and his assistant Chloe Angstrom are working on some kind of Plasma weapon at Stargate Command. Felger tells his assistant about the time when he rescued SG-1 from Her'ak (see "The Other Guys"), when suddenly Colonel Jack O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter appear. He presents them his new weapon, which should be used one day on Prometheus as an energy weapon. However, when he activates it burns out and causes a power failure on the whole base. Afterward, Felger talks with Major General George S. Hammond about his work and Hammond tells him that although Felger assured him that he will give them something, he created nothing in the last six months. So Felger tells him that he is working on something, and Hammond tells him that he has 24 hours to present his creation.

Afterward, Felger talks with Chloe, who tells him that he can't create something in 24 hours, but Felger tells her that he has Avenger and starts to work on it. The next day, he presents his idea of a computer virus that will cause chaos in the Stargate system to Carter, and she is interested. Later, she decides not to take part on a mission with SG-1, although O'Neill is not interested in Felger's work.

Dial Home Device 1

DHD with all buttons removed and showing Control Crystals.

While Felger works on a diorama at home, he is visited by Carter, who tells him that the General allows further research on the virus, and that she will work with him on the virus. They then start to work on it at SGC, and after some time decide to test it on a real gate in Ba'al's territory and wait on an answer from a Tok'ra spy. During the test, however, they contact SG-1, who have missed a scheduled contact. O'Neill tells them that they can't dial the gate, and they think that it is Felger's fault. While they search for the cause of this problem, the Tok'ra contact them and report about a series of malfunctions in the gate system. Afterward, Carter gets some data and finds out that the virus started to spread through the gate system thanks to the correlative update system which compensates for stellar drift.

Later, SGC calls back all off-world teams, but several teams can't come back because the entire gate system has gone offline, and now only SGC can dial anywhere. Later O'Neill reports and tells them that the negotiations in which they were taking part went awry but then they are attacked and the contact breaks down. Carter, Felger, and Chloe work on a solution for the problem, and Carter is informed that Ba'al started to attack the other System Lords since he has the largest fleet. Afterward Carter talks with Felger about the situation, and when she tells him about an incident from a few years ago, he comes up with a possible solution, which doesn't work.

DHD crystals

Exposed control crystals of a DHD.

Carter later informs Hammond that Felger has left the base since the pressure has become too much. Carter finds him at a bridge and starts to talk with him about the problem and they again try to find a solution. They then conclude that they have to go to the planet to which they sent the virus, and both Felger and Carter volunteer to go there, even though the planet is controlled by the Goa'uld Ba'al. Afterwards, Felger says goodbye to Chloe, who kisses him "for good luck".

Escape from P5S-117

O'Neill's commandeered Al'kesh fires upon Jaffa positions.

Both Carter and Felger then leave for the planet, where they start to work on the Dial Home Device. However, Felger soon finds out that Avenger was tampered with, and Carter concludes that it was Ba'al, since he had the most to gain when the gate system went offline. Now Felger has to work on a new antivirus system, when suddenly Jaffa appear, whom Carter fights. Suddenly an Al'kesh appears which fends off the Jaffa. Later, O'Neill and Teal'c of Chulak ring down and are enthusiastically greeted by Felger. Felger is then able to solve the problem and they return to SGC, where they inform Hammond about what has happened.

Later, Felger daydreams how Chloe kisses him passionately. While they are making out on a lab bench, O'Neill and Carter suddenly appear and see them. Carter then attacks Chloe in a jealous rage, and while the two women fight, Felger's dream is disturbed by Chloe, and they go back to work.


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Notable quotes[]

O'Neill: I told you not to trust that brown-nosing little weasel!
Felger: He doesn't know I'm standing here, does he?

Carter: Look, Jay, I know you feel bad about this.
Felger: What's to feel bad about? I mean, it probably took the Ancients a thousand years to build the gate system, and I wrecked it in a single day! Not to mention the fact that I've isolated us from all the offworld resources we're gonna need to defend ourselves, leaving us sitting ducks when the next Goa'uld attack. (laughs) But who cares.

Hammond: Have you and Dr. Felger made any progress?
Carter: I can't find him.
Hammond: Excuse me?
Carter: Apparently Dr. Felger has left the base. I think the pressure was getting to him.
Hammond: I thought you said all he needed was a little support.
Carter: Yeah. I may have been wrong about that. Okay, I admit it. He's a complete screw-up. He makes rash decisions based on sketchy evidence, he's clumsy in the lab, he's always late. And, quite frankly, it wouldn't kill him to ease up on the aftershave. But the fact is, sir, he's at Stargate Command because he's a brilliant scientist. And no one understands that virus better than he does.

Felger: We're kinda like the intellectual Butch and Sundance of the SGC.
Carter: Butch and Sundance got cornered and killed by the Bolivian Army.
Felger: That's a good point.

Felger: You know, before I joined the SGC my idea of a high-pressure situation was defending a mathematical thesis in front of a room full of middle-aged, balding men. I don't do so well when the fate of the Universe is hanging in the balance now.


Main Characters

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  • On the DVD commentary, Martin Wood pronounced the title of this episode as "Avenger Two Point Zero", rather than "Avenger Two Point Oh".
  • In Dr. Jay Felger's apartment, his TV is showing footage of the video game Primal, a game which has circular transportation portals very similar in design to a Stargate (A spinning ring with symbols on it reminiscent of gate chevrons), one of which can be seen in the footage shown.
  • While preparing to go off-world to delete the Avenger virus, Dr. Jay Felger packs a roll of duct tape, which is shown briefly but prominently in the foreground at the beginning of the scene. On the DVD audio commentary for the episode it is revealed to be a reference to The Red Green Show, which featured Patrick McKenna (Felger) in a regular role.
  • Carter writes code of the virus in the programming language C#, with Windows APIs.
  • As with the prior Felger episode, "The Other Guys", Felger's habit for day dreaming and the comical nature of the episode leaves open the question of whether or not Felger imagined the entire affair. However, it is mentioned in "Grace" that the Prometheus is using a hyperdrive core stolen from an Al'kesh, presumably the same one Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c stole in this episode. Also, there is dialogue where Carter reminds O’Neill that Felger saved their lives which suggests the events of that episode were not, at least in part, a day dream. The events of this episode were not confirmed to have actually happened until "Inauguration", which references Ba'al's plot. The producers have commented that they didn't realize the ending would leave so much of the episode in doubt. It's confirmed in "Reckoning, Part 2" when Carter and Ba'al discuss using a similar method to what Ba'al used here to dial every Stargate in the galaxy for the Dakara superweapon.
  • Carter refers to the events of "Red Sky".

Other languages[]

  • French: Le Vengeur (The Avenger)
  • Italian: Rete Bloccata (Blocked Network)
  • Spanish: Vengador 2.0 (Avenger 2.0)
  • Czech: Mstitel (The Avenger)
  • German: Avenger 2.0 (dubbed in English)
  • Hungarian: Avenger 2.0 (dubbed in English)
  • Japanese: 僕のアヴェンジャー (Avenger 2.0)

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