Avenger was a computer virus conceived by Jay Felger, who also developed it along with his assistant Chloe Angstrom and Major Samantha Carter in 2003.


It was designed to scramble the symbols of a DHD, making it impossible to dial another Stargate. The Stargate on P5S-117 was chosen to test the virus because the planet was one of Ba'al's major naquadah mining sites. The test was successful; however, Ba'al discovered and modified the virus so it would spread throughout the entire Stargate network via the correlative update system. With the entire network down along with various other SGC personnel stranded on other worlds, Ba'al gained the advantage against the other Goa'uld by having the largest fleet. However, Earth's Stargate was still working, since it did not use a DHD. This allowed Felger and Carter to travel to P5S-117 in hopes of fixing the problem. Felger modified his anti-virus and neutralized the new version of Avenger, adding a system patch so this virus could not be used again. (SG1: "Avenger 2.0")

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