Automated Reconnaissance and Navigation Over Long Distances also ARNOLD is a long-term reconnaissance drones. SGC has never shied away from using drones to support the SG team on the field and their latest addition is no exception. Arnold (Automated Reconnaissance and Navigation Over Long Distances) drone was built to automate the process of long-term study of a planet. Somewhere between a MALP and a rug this new drone builds on existing Field Remote Expeditionary Device chassis includes both scientific instruments and military regulation, has been the first Arnold's recently out of production and sees limited use on a trial-run basis. After a planet has been out with a MALP and SG team has identified some signs of life near a gate ARNOLD or possibly more sent to begin work on mapping the planet.

Arnold has the ability to pilot from Stargate Command by using a control link but also has an automated control system that allows the drone set to "auto-pilot" in which case it begins to map out the terrain and look out for any hidden life. The onboard computer is considered a desktop replacement that can only be used to record information using Arnold's professional-level camera and other programs for later use with Global Mapping software. If the illumination on a plane is insufficient for recording such as in night time or because of the absence of a solar Arnold can activate night vision equipment. The drone can also be verified on the spot with a joystick.

In case of attack Arnold has a non- detachable Pintel-mounted M249 Squad Automatic Weapon with one standard belt of 500 rounds controlled by an automated attack system that is set to "warn" when off-world. It can function autonomously in part without input from the SGC. It has been programmed to only use repressive measures fire attack to ward off attackers if a character uses drones can directly use all standard fire modes and reload the weapon normally. The range alarm is set to typically 500 feet and Arnold must end move involving weapons systems. When in preparedness will slow to a stop if the target will range attack at the first opportunity most often when the target is within 250 meters. If several Arnolds sent together can work together to identify suppressive fire on all drones are within the reach of the target. The drone closest target is considered the leader. A ARNOLD moves on three off-axis with a top speed of 4 MPH. If the terrain is flat enough it can be placed in the "fast" mode makes it possible to move a lively 6 mph (60 feet per round), although this reduces the operational time to 1/2 of their available energy.

Designed for long term missions and require a source of energy that could hold weeks of remotely forced Arnold's designers to create one two-source system. Under normal circumstances, the power cell can provide operating power for 16 hours of normal activity, but two large solar panels have been added to the top of the drones. These panels charge the power cell at a rate of 30 minutes of power per hour spent in daylight. If Arnold does not have sufficient power to drive or daylight to charge the power cell is a sleep mode until the power cell can fully recharge. Replacing a power cell requires 20 minutes. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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