"This is definitely not a closet."
John Sheppard[src]

Atlantis transporters are an elevator system in Atlantis and other City-ships which use transporter technology to quickly transfer people throughout the city.


"Apparently it's also an elevator."
John Sheppard[src]

The Atlantis transporters are shaped like a closet. When a person enters the cabin, a control panel on the back wall opens and displays a map of Atlantis with dots representing other transporters. By pressing a dot, the occupants are transported to the relevant location, occupants can also choose which floor to transport to, by making a selection on the left side of the screen. Much like Transportation rings, anything in the destination cabin is transported to the user's original location. Most transporters are located in rooms, but one leads to an outside balcony on the East Pier. Presumably other Ancient city-ships are also equipped with these as the basic layout of them is literally identical. 

It is unknown if the Tower has transporters in it, but considering its similarities with Atlantis, it is likely. Due to the low power levels the Transporters may have been inoperable. (SGA: "The Tower")

Locations of TransportersEdit


"Someone thought it would make a nice closet."
Rodney McKay[src]

A transporter's interior

When the Atlantis expedition arrived at the city, they at first didn't know what the cabins were used for, so someone stored a large amount of equipment in one, believing it to be a closet. The Athosian Jinto accidentally activated one such transporter, thus revealing their purpose to the expedition once he was found. Since then they are used for day-to-day transportation and shortening trips around the city. (SGA: "Hide and Seek")

Due to ionizing radiation which triggered a quarantine lockdown, Colonel Samantha Carter and Dr. Radek Zelenka became trapped in a transporter for several hours. (SGA: "Quarantine")


When affected by digitally ascended Asurans, Atlantis was subject to power fluctuations which caused the transports to malfunction, sending Richard Woolsey to the East Pier, where the transporter then shut down, stranding him. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine")

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