The mess hall of Atlantis is a large empty room on the West Pier where the personnel of the city can go to eat.


Food is served in a sort of buffet line and a balcony provides a spectacular view of the city. (SGA: "Aurora")

The mess even has theme meals such as taquito Tuesday and schnitzel day. Other food served includes salisbury steak, pre-packed sandwiches, a variety of fruit including bananas, apples and grapes and a variety of deserts including jello, fruit cups, chocolate chip cookies and donuts. (SGA: "Broken Ties", "Identity")

In case of an emergency, including an outbreak, the mess hall can double up as an emergency ward if the Atlantis infirmary is full. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa")

There also appears to be another mess hall near the base of the tower with a balcony looking over the ocean and several piers. (SGA: "Sunday", "Remnants")


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  • The gym is actually the part of the gateroom set closed off with a wall.