"This conduit runs directly into the ZPM. It's like an express lane. Uh, we've already shut off the rest of traffic but this one keeps moving along."
Dr. Radek Zelenka[src]

The Main Power Conduit is a series of large scale power conduits which spread out from the ZPM hub and across the city of Atlantis. These conduits control the massive flow of energy needed for the city's many systems. When Atlantis was attacked by the Asurans satellite the beam brushed the tower and damaged the main power conduit running from the ZPM causing the city to lose power. (SGA: "Adrift") In 2008 a Wraith pathogen infection using Dr. Jennifer Keller as a host grew into the conduits to draw power from them, accelerating its ultimate objective of forming a hive ship. (SGA: "The Seed")

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