"It's incredibly redundant."
Dr. Radek Zelenka on the database's ability to back up data[src]

The Atlantis database also known as the Ancient database is the central computer database containing the knowledge the Ancients gained up to when they left Atlantis. The database can be accessed anywhere in the city, but the holo room is the best place to start for first-time users. The room is known to take a toll on power relative to the terminals and the power of a Naquadah generator, however, so the Atlantis expedition uses it sparingly. Ganos Lal devised a teaching program to instruct younger Lanteans using the information in the database. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project", SGA: "Rising", "The Siege, Part 2")

The exact size of the database relative to Earth data storage is unknown. Dr. McKay devised an advanced compression program to allow optimal data storage. However, given the limited amount of drives available at the time, Radek believed less than 10% of the portion they had deciphered at that point could be taken with them, had they evacuated. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1")

Known information stored in the database includes:

  • Historical archives including records of the Lantean-Wraith war
  • Stargate addresses in both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies
    • Information on these planets such as populations, solar data and Ancient notes
  • An Ancient star map
  • The nine-symbol Stargate address that leads to the Ancient ship Destiny, minus the point of origin
  • ZPM research (which has yet to be fully understood by the Atlantis expedition). It is possible that the Ancients used artificially constructed isotropic scalar fields to essentially lower the ground state energy density around singularities trapped within each module. This allowed zero point fluctuations of the quantum vacuum to be mined for effectively limitless energy extraction through a carefully balanced self-contained system on the order of nanometers in size. It is also showed that the Lanteans had developed a research facility called the ZPM Hub, which was an incredibly important facility for the Ancients in managing their vast zero point module power grid across the Pegasus Galaxy. Based on the schematics and systems still partially operational, it appeared to be a centralized command and control center deep underground on one of the Lantean homeworlds. The main chamber was kilometers wide and housed thousands upon thousands of ZPMs in containment and charging pools, stacked high towards the ceiling. Its primary function was monitoring power levels and distribution load balancing for every major Ancient settlement and outpost drawing from the ZPM network. Remote sensors and subspace transmitters allowed technicians at the Hub to route, boost or reroute zero point energy as needed from modules located lightyears away. They could also remotely initialize new ZPMs joining the grid or take damaged ones offline for repair. Lots of fail-safes were in place to prevent overloads or cascading failures across different sectors. Other areas were dedicated to ZPM fabrication, new module testing under extreme conditions and researching ways to further boost their energy density and yield.
  • Shield schematics (which have yet to be fully understood by the Atlantis expedition). It is well understood that the Ancients were truly masters of defensive technologies. The shield they designed for their tremendous city-ships was a technological marvel. The shield took advantage of both energy manipulation and the incredible power of zero point modules. Much like their shielding on a smaller scale, it projected an invisible, hemispherical force field around the entire city. Knowing that shielding was critical for defending populated areas, the Ancients implemented not one, but multiple redundant shield generators beneath the city powered by ZPMs. These projected a single, seamless barrier thanks to a coordinate field that precisely synced the generators' output. Control systems monitored shield integrity across tens of square miles, rerouting power automatically to reinforce any weakened areas. Damage or power loss to a generator was seamlessly compensated for by the others.
  • Ascension research (which has yet to be fully understood by the Atlantis expedition ). The database had extensive records on experiments enhancing mental faculties, controlling bio-energies, accessing higher planes of thought and even briefly merging minds across vast distances. All in an effort to discern Ascension's mechanisms on a scientific level, despite it remaining an esoteric process.
  • Weapons schematics (which have yet to be fully understood by the Atlantis expedition). The Ancients were exceptionally advanced when it came to weapons technologies as well. Their starships were outfitted with powerful directed-energy weapons that could vaporize targets at the subatomic level with tightly focused beams. These weapons drew on ZPM power and could tear through known materials with little effort. The Ancients also developed city-wide defensive networks utilizing similar beam weapons, but on a scale we have no parallel for. For more heavy ordnance, they created powerful energy-charge warheads with blast yields measuring in the gigatons due to revolutionary compression techniques on the molecular level. Guided by advanced computers, these could eliminate designated areas with precision. The Ancients handheld weapons were no less formidable. Some utilized patacetic energy pulses to cause organic breakdown or anti-matter conversion beams to annihilate victims. Others harnessed gravity and force field manipulations in entirely novel ways to debilitate or kill opponents without harming facilities or infrastructure.
  • Cultural information on the natives of the Pegasus galaxy
  • Biological notes and research
  • Notes on space travel
  • Information on the Wraith and the Iratus bug.
  • A list of Lanteans who returned to Earth after the war with the Wraith .
  • Archival visual records of each Lantean
  • Details on the Mini-drone weapons
  • Personal logs
  • Schematics of Atlantis. The schematics for the entire city were extremely detailed and comprehensive. It mapped out every single level buried under the ocean. Residential areas that could house tens of thousands of people, hydroponic gardens big enough to feed an army, labs equipped with more advanced technology. It also contained the control room schematics. Crystal clear displays showing the city's systems and surrounding ocean terrain as far as the eye could see. But what stood out the most were the defensive capabilities. Multiple shield generators that could create an impervious bubble underwater. Weapon platforms hidden all around capable of taking out a fleet. And right in the central spire, the main ZPM chamber that powered it all and could have kept Atlantis off the Wraith radar indefinitely.

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