The Atlantis conference room is an area in Atlantis. The main conference room is a circular area with eight multipanel turning doors, located in Stargate Operations in the central tower. This room is where teams will debrief with the Atlantis expedition leader, conduct interviews with visiting people and conduct conferences between members of each of the Expedition divisions. (SGA: "Suspicion", "Thirty-Eight Minutes", "Conversion")

The conference room houses a large table. Originally there was a horseshoe-shaped table which changed with a triangular table, until Richard P. Woolsey took over leadership and replaced it with a large mahogany table brought from Earth.(SGA: "The Seed")

There is also a smaller conference room located elsewhere in the city used for smaller conferences. This room houses a smaller triangular table. (SGA: "Suspicion", "Critical Mass")

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Joseph Mallozzi stated in his blog that the reason the table was replaced in Atlantis Season 5 was because it was too hard to film in the room while the other table was there.
  • The original Atlantis conference table is identical to the table used in the Pentagon in the episode "Disclosure".
  • The conference room set is also used as the Holo room.
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