The second season of Stargate: Atlantis was a period of exploration for the members of the Atlantis expedition. Though Rainbow Sun Francks, playing Lt. Aiden Ford left the cast, Jason Momoa joined as the character of Ronon Dex was created, and Paul McGillion, playing Dr. Carson Beckett, was upgraded to a regular character. Plot-lines from the first season were continued and expanded upon, and the season ended with Atlantis, and Earth, in a dangerous predicament.


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
Battle of the Void 1 "The Siege (Part 3 of 3)" 201 July 15, 2005 Lantea, Unnamed Asgard, Wraith Wraith
Atlantis is saved in the nick of time by the Daedalus, who manages to destroy the other two Hive Ships. However, 12 more are on their way, and they quickly adapt to the Tau'ri's measures. Meanwhile, the team find Lt. Aiden Ford, who has an overdose of the Wraith enzyme.
The Intruder "The Intruder" 202 July 22, 2005 Earth, Lantea Asgard Wraith computer virus
After a return journey from Earth back to Lantea, an unexplained death happens on board the Daedalus. He was killed when he figured out that a Wraith computer virus has uploaded itself into the Daedalus' computers, and is taking over the ship.
Runner "Runner" 203 July 29, 2005 Lantea, P3M-736, Sateda Satedan, Wraith Aiden Ford
After finding a dead Wraith on P3M-736, the Atlantis expedition find evidence that a missing Aiden Ford is responsible. When searching for him, it is not only Ford they find.
Attack on Thenora "Duet" 204 August 5, 2005 Lantea, Thenora Wraith N/A
After being scooped up by a Wraith Dart, Dr. Rodney McKay is rescued, but there isn't enough power to recover Lt. Laura Cadman. Soon, McKay realizes that Cadman's consciousness is inside of him, and the two have a hard time in co-existing. Ronon Dex makes himself at home in Atlantis.
Condemned11 "Condemned" 205 August 12, 2005 Lantea, Olesia Olesian, Wraith Torrell, Magistrate
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team is ambushed by unfriendlies when they are rescued by a technologically advanced civilization. They learn that the people on "the Island" are convicts, so the Wraith cannot feed on the innocent.
Arcturus Power "Trinity" 206 August 19, 2005 Belkan, Doranda, Lantea Belkan, Satedan N/A
The team find an outpost on an uninhabited planet, and find that the Ancients were researching a power source which would render Zero Point Modules obsolete. Meanwhile, Ronon Dex learns that not all Satedans were killed during the Wraith attack.
Instinct "Instinct (Part 1 of 2)" 207 August 26, 2005 Lantea, Zaddik's homeworld Wraith, Zaddik's people Ellia, Daimos
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team find a civilization haunted by a string of mysterious periodical killings, by the "Daimos", a Wraith. While hunting it down, they find a young female Wraith named Ellia, who's "father" Zaddik apparently found a serum to stop her need to feed.
Conversion "Conversion (Part 2 of 2)" 208 September 9, 2005 Lantea, Unnamed Iratus bug John Sheppard
After some of the Iratus bug retrovirus transferred from Ellia to Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, he starts to experience side affects that is quickly turning him into a cross between a Human and an Iratus bug. Dr. Carson Beckett must work on a way to save him before it is too late.
AuroraDaed11 "Aurora" 209 September 23, 2005 Lantea Ancient, Wraith Trebal, Wraith
The Atlantis expedition find an Ancient warship called the Aurora from sensors. While investigating the drifting wreck, little do they know a Wraith is hiding among the Virtual reality pods.
The Lost Boys "The Lost Boys (Part 1 of 2)" 210 September 23, 2005 Ford's planet, Genii outpost, Lantea, P3M-736, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed Genii, Unnamed, Wraith Ford's Coalition
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team is ambushed and captured by a coalition of people, led by Aiden Ford, who captures Wraith so they can have access to the enzyme. They also have a plan to steal C-4 from the Genii, so they can destroy a Hive Ship.
The Hive "The Hive (Part 2 of 2)" 211 November 21, 2005 Edowin, Ford's planet, Lantea Genii, Unnamed, Wraith Wraith Queen
The team are captured by Wraith, and notice that a second Hive Ship is joining them. Meanwhile, Dr. Rodney McKay manages to escape his captors and returns to Atlantis, where they resume the search for the rest of the team.
Epiphany "Epiphany" 212 November 28, 2005 Lantea, Planet of the Cloister People of the Cloister Sanctuary Beast
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard is sucked through the event horizon of an entrance to a cave, and cannot get out the same way. Worse, there is a Time dilation field, meaning that minutes in relative conditions could mean hours for Sheppard. If they don't find a way to save him soon, he is going to die of old age.
Critical Mass "Critical Mass" 213 December 5, 2005 Earth, Lantea Asgard, Athosian, Goa'uld, Wraith The Trust, Caldwell's Goa'uld
The NID pick up intelligence that The Trust has not only heard of Atlantis, but has been there, and the Goa'uld has planted a bomb in the city that is sent to go off the next time the expedition dials Earth.
Grace Under Pressure "Grace Under Pressure" 214 December 12, 2005 Lantea Flagisallus N/A
Dr. Rodney McKay's Puddle Jumper crashes into the ocean on route back to Atlantis and is slowly sinking. While, Dr. Radek Zelenka and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard find a way to save him, McKay hallucinates Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter to keep him company.
The Tower "The Tower" 215 December 19, 2005 Lantea, Lord Protector's Planet Lord Protector's people Otho
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team visits a planet where they encounter a City-ship buried under foliage, and the central tower is used by the royalty of the planet. The Lord Protector is using an Ancient Control chair to rule over peasants near to the tower. He is dying and his children now compete for the throne.
The Long Goodbye "The Long Goodbye" 216 January 2, 2006 Kohal system, Lantea Phoebus' people, Thalan's people Phoebus, Thalan
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team finds two pods adrift in space. When they recover them, they find an aged person in each one. The two consciousnesses make it into Sheppard and Dr. Elizabeth Weir, and convince the team that they are old lovers. However, the two are actually enemies trying to kill each other over a war that ended a long time ago.
Coup d'etat 11 "Coup D'etat" 217 January 9, 2006 Genii homeworld, Lantea, M1K-177, M6R-867, Unnamed Genii, People of M1K-177 Cowen
Ladon Radim of the Genii contacts Atlantis and wants their help in staging a coup against Cowen, in exchange for a Zero Point Module. However, not all has changed since the expedition's last encounter from the Genii.
Michael "Michael" 218 January 16, 2006 Lantea, Pegasus Alpha Site, Unnamed Human-form Wraith, Wraith Michael Kenmore
Lt. Michael Kenmore wakes up with no memories about who he is, after he was supposedly captured by the Wraith. While trying to remember his past life, he notices that everyone is looking at him strangely. Soon, he discovers the hard way that he wasn't captured by the Wraith, but was one himself.
Inferno "Inferno" 219 January 23, 2006 Lantea, Taranis Asgard, Taranian N/A
On Taranis, the Atlantis expedition encounter an Ancient outpost currently used by the Taranians to protect themselves against the Wraith. However, the outpost's use of Geothermal energy awakens the planet's supervolcano, which is set to blow any minute.
Allies "Allies (Part 1 of 3)" 220 January 30, 2006 Lantea Asgard, Human-form Wraith, Wraith Hive Queen
A Hive Ship arrives to Atlantis and makes contact with them. It is Michael Kenmore, who proposes the expedition to supply them with the Iratus bug retrovirus to turn enemy Wraith into Humans, to serve as an alternative food supply.


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