The twenty episodes that constitute the first season of Stargate: Atlantis introduced the audience to a new world, related to but separate from the world of Stargate SG-1. Finally, humans have discovered the legacy of the Ancients, the Lost City of Atlantis. As humans explore the city and encounter dangerous new enemies throughout the season, viewers are taken on a wild ride of adventure and drama, with just enough comic relief along the way.


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
Arrival "Rising (Part 1 of 2)" 101 July 16, 2004 Athos, Earth, Lantea Ancient, Athosian N/A
An expedition team leaves Earth for the Lost City of the Ancients, Atlantis, deep within the Pegasus Galaxy. Hoping to discover valuable new technology, what they find is a city submerged beneath an ocean with its shields about to collapse—and a deadly new enemy awakens.
Rising "Rising (Part 2 of 2)" 102 July 16, 2004 Athos, Lantea, Wraith homeworld Athosian, Wraith Wraith Keeper
A team led by Colonel Marshall Sumner, and some of the Athosians are kidnapped by a newly awakened enemy, the Wraith. Back in Atlantis, the city's shields fail, and the city rises from the bottom of the ocean. Major John Sheppard plans to rescue the missing team, but he may not reach them in time.
Hide and Seek "Hide and Seek" 103 July 23, 2004 Lantea Athosian, Shadow creature Shadow creature
While the Atlantis expedition explore the city and make themselves at home for the long haul, Dr. Rodney McKay uses a Personal shield emitter that can't be turned off, and a strange entity is accidentally unleashed on the city, and its want for energy means grave danger for the expedition.
Thirty-Eight Minutes "Thirty-Eight Minutes" 104 July 30, 2004 Lantea, Wraith homeworld Athosian, Iratus bug, Wraith Wraith
While on the way back to Atlantis, a Puddle Jumper is stuck halfway through the Stargate. The team has thirty eight minutes before the Stargate shuts down, and the team will be blown into space. While another team works out a way to save them, a bug attaches itself to Major John Sheppard's neck, and it is slowly killing him.
Suspision "Suspicion" 105 August 6, 2004 Athos, Lantea, Unnamed Athosian, Wraith Steve
After another unexpected encounter with the Wraith, the fifth encounter in nine missions, the Atlantis expedition can find only one explanation as to why that is; there is a spy in the city.
Childhood'sEnd11 "Childhood's End" 106 August 13, 2004 Lantea, M7G-677 People of M7G-677 Aries
Major John Sheppard's team's Puddle Jumper goes down on a routine mission due to electromagnetic interference. The team also make first contact with the inhabitants of M7G-677, who mostly comprise of children, since they believe that in order for the Wraith to leave them alone, they must kill themselves the night before their 25th birthday.
Poisoning the Well "Poisoning the Well" 107 August 20, 2004 Hoff, Lantea Hoffan, Wraith Steve
The Atlantis expedition makes first contact with the Hoffans, who have developed a drug to prevent the Wraith from feeding on their "food supply". Dr. Carson Beckett helps them perfect it, but discovers a few unforeseeable side effects.
Underground "Underground" 108 August 27, 2004 Genii homeworld, Lantea, Unnamed Genii Cowen
With their food supply running low, Teyla Emmagan suggests to the Atlantis expedition to make a deal with an Athosian trading partner, the Genii. However, the team discovers that they are not what they seemed, a militaristic civilization with a plan to destroy the Wraith.
M5S-224 "Home" 109 September 10, 2004 Lantea, M5S-224 Mist being N/A
After exploring M5S-224, Dr. Rodney McKay discovers the mist is giving off power every time the Stargate is dialed out. This presents the team an opportunity to get back to Earth.
Grounding station "The Storm (Part 1 of 2)" 110 September 17, 2004 Genii homeworld, Lantea, Manaria Athosian, Genii, Manarian Acastus Kolya
A storm covering 20% of Lantea that strikes every 20 to 30 years is brewing and is heading straight for the mainland, and then Atlantis. As most of the expedition takes shelter on Manaria, a small group stays behind to work out how to save the city. Unfortunately, a Genii strike team, led by Commander Acastus Kolya plan to seize Atlantis for the supplies the expedition promised them, and takes everyone prisoner.
The Eye "The Eye (Part 2 of 2)" 111 November 8, 2004 Lantea Athosian, Genii Acastus Kolya
Major John Sheppard, who evades capture from Commander Acastus Kolya tries to take back Atlantis while the storm is zeroing in on the city. From the mainland, Dr. Carson Beckett, Teyla Emmagan and Lt. Aiden Ford risk their lives to get to the city through the storm.
The Defiant One "The Defiant One" 112 November 15, 2004 Lantea, Light Bugs' Planet Light bug, Wraith Wraith survivor
While exploring the Lantean system, Major John Sheppard and his team find a Wraith supply ship that crash landed on another planet for 10,000 years. While investigating it, the team discover that they are not alone, as the lone Wraith survivor who lived for 10,000 years by feeding on fellow Wraith awaken.
Hot Zone "Hot Zone" 113 November 22, 2004 Lantea N/A N/A
While exploring sections of the city that was flooded during the storm, some of the scientists start dying after seeing realistic hallucinations that causes brain aneurysm. Their attempts to contain it doesn't go well, as one of the infected goes into a populated section of the city.
Chaya Sar "Sanctuary" 114 November 29, 2004 Lantea, Proculus Ancient, People of Proculus, Wraith N/A
Major John Sheppard's team are under attack from Wraith Darts, and then sees them wiped out through a mysterious energy beam. They search the planet below, Proculus, who do not have advanced technologies, but Dr. Rodney McKay suspects they are hiding something, especially after the priestess, Chaya Sar comes to Atlantis and has her eyes on Sheppard.
Before I Sleep "Before I Sleep" 115 December 6, 2004 Lantea Ancient N/A
The Atlantis expedition finds an elderly woman in stasis, who was like that for 10,000 years. Thinking she is an Ancient, they revive, but find out that she is Elizabeth Weir, who is from an alternate timeline, where the expedition came to Atlantis, where the conditions weren't as perfect as the other team did when they arrived.
The Brotherhood "The Brotherhood" 116 January 3, 2005 Dagan, Genii homeworld, Lantea Daganian, Genii, Sudarian, Wraith Acastus Kolya
On Dagan, the team find a series of clues leading to a Zero Point Module to defend Atlantis and contact Earth. However, a group of Genii led by Commander Acastus Kolya also wishes to find the ZPM.
Letters from Pegasus "Letters from Pegasus" 117 January 10, 2005 Earth, Lantea, Orin's planet Orin's people, Wraith Wraith
In the wake of discovering a fleet of three Hive Ships zeroing on Atlantis, Dr. Rodney McKay manages to give the Stargate enough power to dial Earth for one second, which is more than enough time to send compressed data, including the team members' messages to their families.
The Gift "The Gift" 118 January 17, 2005 Lantea, Unnamed Athosian, Wraith Wraith
Teyla Emmagan is plagued with several nightmares about the Wraith. Soon, her team discovers that her ancestors were experimented on by a Wraith scientist, and she has Wraith DNA. This gives Teyla the capability to contact the Wraith from a certain distance, including those from the oncoming ships.
Ancient Satellite fires against Hive ship "The Siege (Part 1 of 3)" 119 January 24, 2005 Lantea Athosian, Wraith Bob, Wraith
With very little time before the Wraith Hive Ships get to Atlantis, Dr. Rodney McKay plans on fixing the Lagrangian Point satellite from within the Lantean system to destroy the ships. Meanwhile, as a precaution, Dr. Elizabeth Weir considers destroying the city before the Wraith can get their hands on it so they can't find a way to a new "feeding ground", Earth.
The Siege, Part 2 "The Siege (Part 2 of 3)" 120 January 31, 2005 Genii homeworld, Lantea Athosian, Genii, Wraith Wraith
Earth, recently equipped with a Zero Point Module sends reinforcements to defend Atlantis until the new Earth ship, the Daedalus gets there. Soon, the ships arrive to seize the city, launching waves of Wraith Darts and beaming several soldiers down to the city.


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  • The planet Lantea appears in every episode of the season.
  • Season 1 of Atlantis aired concurrently with Season 8 of SG-1.
  • This is the only season of Atlantis where all of the main characters of Atlantis appear in all 20 episodes.







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