"You'd be hard pressed to find an Athosian who has not experienced loss at the hands of the Wraith."

The Athosians were a formerly technologically advanced-turned primitive hunter-gatherer like human culture native to the Pegasus galaxy, from the planet Athos. They were the first race in Pegasus to be encountered by the Atlantis expedition in 2004. Mostly consisting of farmers, hunters and traders, they formed an alliance with the expedition after they helped them evacuate to Lantea after they were attacked by the Wraith. By 2006, they moved to a new settlement known as New Athos, a relatively safe planet until they were taken captive by Michael Kenmore, who used them for experimentation to his Human-Wraith Hybrid. Several were killed and several more were turned into Hybrids, but they were eventually rescued and some Hybrid Athosians reverted to humans again.


Before contact with AtlantisEdit

At one point, the Athosians were a technologically advanced race, and created such technologies as Fire starters, as well as living in cities. However, they were, like all humans in the galaxy, periodically culled by the Wraith. In one instance, they were once almost completely wiped out from the Great Attack, which forced them to abandon city living and live as hunters, farmers and traders. At an unknown point in their history, before the birth of Teyla Emmagan, some Athosians were taken by a Wraith scientist, who experimented on Humans to make the feeding process more efficient, by introducing them to Wraith DNA. After they were brought back, they were able to have the ability to sense Wraith. They believe that the ancestors (the Ancients) sent them this "gift". However, the normal Athosians noticed that the ones with the gift began to act strangely, and eventually become violent and murderous, so all but a handful were killed. Those who survived became outcasts, including Teyla's distant relatives. They were renowned as traders, and traveled to various other worlds within the galaxy through the use of the Stargate and trade in information, goods and manpower. (SGA: "Rising", "Hide and Seek", "The Storm", "The Gift", "Trinity")

When the Ancients began their experiments with the Iratus bug that led to the creation of the Wraith, at least two Athosians were taken as their test subjects. These Athosians would become known as Osprey and Ashes, two of the very first Wraith in existence. (SGA: "Secrets")

Alliance with the Atlantis ExpeditionEdit

"Atlantis is far more than shelter — it is hope, not only for our people but for everyone who would stand against the Wraith. We must not abandon that hope."
Teyla Emmagan[src]

Teyla, and the group of Athosians.

In 2004, the Athosians were the first race of people encountered by the Atlantis expedition. However, their first contact was short lived when the Wraith arrived and culled the planet. The Athosians were forced to abandon Athos and lived with the Tau'ri in Atlantis. However, some of the expedition members didn't trust them, thinking some may have been moles for the Wraith, and most Athosians felt unwelcomed. Later Major John Sheppard and Lt. Aiden Ford discovered land on Lantea, and after the Athosians became aware of the continent's existence, this presented them with a choice to leave the city and they all moved to make settlement on the mainland. They built a new village and grew crops for themselves and the expedition to replenish their food shortage. (SGA: "Hide and Seek", "Suspicion", "Underground")

Despite living on the mainland, they still had to be frequently evacuated to Atlantis in emergencies such as the arrival of Wraith ships and in one instance a superstorm that occurred every 20 to 30 years striking the planet. Eventually, when the Lanteans arrived back to Atlantis to temporarily retake control of the city, they were moved to a relatively safe planet, later to be named New Athos, where they rebuilt their society again. However, after Sheppard's team retook the city after an Asuran attack, the Athosians decided to stay on New Athos. (SGA: "The Storm", "The Siege, Part 1", "Allies", "The Return, Part 1")


In 2007, Michael Kenmore became aware of New Athos' existence and used around 50 of his Human followers and Hybrids to ambush the village. They took every last Athosian apart from Teyla Emmagan. Teyla and Dr. Jennifer Keller noticed this after they arrived in New Athos the next day and discovered that the Athosian village was abandoned. They were later shocked to discover that they were kidnapped, possibly by Wraith. The expedition assumed they were culled and killed after sending a forensics team lead them nowhere. It was around six months before they found a clue from Teyla's visions between her, fellow Athosian Kanaan and their unborn child. They eventually discovered that Michael took them to conduct experiments on his Hybrids with the help of the clone of Dr. Carson Beckett. Several were transformed into Hybrids. Eventually, the Atlantis teams managed to locate the planet they were being held, and rescued all the Athosians who were still alive and Human, but the Athosian Hybrids and a pregnant Teyla were still taken by Michael. Eventually Teyla, her newborn child, Torren John and the Hybrids were also rescued, and the Hybrids were reverted to human again. They then returned to New Athos. (SGA: "Missing", "The Seer", "The Kindred, Part 1", "The Kindred, Part 2", "Search and Rescue", "The Seed", "Legacy: Homecoming")

After rescueEdit

Following their rescue and return to New Athos, the Athosians were left nearly extinct and below genetic viability as a people. The Wraith stopped returning to feed on them due to the fact that Guide made New Athos off-limits to the Wraith rather than come into conflict with the Atlantis expedition on the matter. According to Guide, the Athosians have now been culled so badly that they aren't worth a fight over. However, with the rise of Queen Death and the fall of Guide's alliance, this protection has disappeared. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming", "The Lost")


The Athosians are a peaceful, welcoming and spiritual race of humans. They often refer to the Ancients as "Ancestors" (whom they worship as deities), individuals who bought them into the universe, which the Ancients did by seeding the galaxy with life. They often pray and meditate, in dedication to them. Other aspects of their culture include:

  • As a greeting, farewell and even appreciation, two individuals often lean their foreheads to each other. This was shown many times. (SGA: "Rising", "The Return, Part 1")
  • Every morning before dawn, they have stout tea to brace them for the coming day. (SGA: "Rising")
  • Despite living in fear due to the Wraith, a hide and seek game where the seeker is a Wraith is very popular among Athosian children, particularly Jinto and Wex. That has changed when Major John Sheppard is the seeker, since the arrival of the expedition. (SGA: "Rising", "Hide and Seek")
  • There is a ritual prayer that is said when one knows that death is upon them. (SGA: "Thirty-Eight Minutes")
  • One popular dish among the Athosians is Tuttleroot soup. (SGA: "The Gift", "Critical Mass")
  • Being accused of serving the Wraith is considered the biggest insult to them. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1")
  • Dying from natural causes are rare among their people, since many die in the hands of the Wraith. Each person who passes away of old age are often honoured with the Ring Ceremony, to prepare them for the afterlife. (SGA: "Critical Mass")
  • According to Teyla Emmagan, the Athosians take a period of rest every four days. (SGA: "Sunday")
  • A popular beverage is called Ruus wine. According to Sheppard, he described the wine as "tasty stuff, but hell of a kick." (SGA: "Missing")
  • As a rite of passage, young Athosians would be left abandoned in the forests and were left there alone for 10 days to learn how to fend for themselves later in life. (SGA: "Missing")
  • When Teyla Emmagan introduces herself to the Atlantis expedition, she says she's "daughter of Tagan." However, later we discover that her father's name was Torren. The use of a matronym instead of a patronym may be an indication that the Athosian society is or at least historically has been matriarchal. Or it's possible that women are daughters of their mother, and men are sons of their father. (SGA: "Rising", "Search and Rescue")

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