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The Asuran city-ship was a city-ship built by the Asurans to be an exact duplicate of Ancient city-ships, although it does have several differences to Atlantis. Based on Asuras, the city-ship was only a small part of a vast metropolis built by the Asurans in an effort to surpass the grandeur the Ancients had made of Atlantis. Upon probing the minds of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team and learning that Atlantis had not been destroyed by the Wraith, as the rest of the galaxy believed, the Asuran city-ship was sent to destroy the city. (SGA: "Progeny")

Rodney McKay, after freezing the Asurans, was able to rig the city's three Zero Point Modules, causing it to explode in orbit over Lantea. However, the Atlantis expedition was well aware that there were numerous more Asuran city-ships, possibly numbering into the hundreds. (SGA: "Progeny")


The Asuran City Ship explodes in orbit over Lantea.

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