Asul was a male Jaffa in the service of Selket who rose through her ranks to become First Prime, though the more he learned of his god the less he respected her.


Background InformationEdit

Once simply a Serpent Guard in Selket's ranks, Asul rose to eventually become his god's First Prime. He served in this position for many years and, despite having proven his worth time and time again to Selket, he never earned the trust of his god. Indeed, Selket's paranoia was so great that she kept Asul's children and grandchildren on a different planet where they were under constant guard and surveillance so that, if Asul ever failed her, she would have a bargaining chip. It was because of this type of trust that Asul eventually lost respect for Selket, though his innate loyalty would not let him question her orders or manner of rule over her dominion.

Asul was often fearful of when his god took new hosts, as her erratic behaviour while doing so often provoked him to fear for his children's welfare. While he would not usually condone or start rebellion against his goddess—it was against his being as a Jaffa—this constant atmosphere of risk which was surrounding his family often changed his personality and attitude to the point of desperation. It was thought that, if his offspring were ever removed from Selket's grip one way or another, he may react in ways that would be erratic and out of character.

Despite this constant fear, Asul always remained calm and stoic on the outside and had no problems with accomplishing the goals Selket set for him. It was observed by some that, when not serving his god directly, Asul was often found in kelno'reem and he was often seen, during the Days of Remembrance, visiting the graves of those he had been forced to execute when he would bring offerings to place with their dead bodies. However, his men trusted him completely—indeed, more than they did even their overlord—and were known to follow him into battle without question. His separation from his family only earned him more respect, though none among them would be willing to defy Selket and her invisible legions of ashrak. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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