The Astral Diner was a "diner" where Dr. Daniel Jackson found himself after he was killed by Replicator Carter. The Diner was based on memories of a diner that Nicholas Ballard took a young Daniel to after the deaths of his parents. It was located at a midway point between mortality and ascension. Brought there by Oma Desala, Daniel was given the choice of ascension without being able to "interfere" with the lower planes ever again, or death. Anubis was also able to access the Diner as he was semi-descended. The other patrons were apparently other Ascended Ancients, but they never showed any reaction to anything that Daniel, Oma or Jim (Anubis's chosen alias) were doing, despite Daniel yelling at them for condemning Oma for her decision to help Anubis ascend, despite all the damage he had done.  They finally acknowledged what was happening once Oma confronted Anubis. According to the Ascended Times, the Diner was to be given "infinite" status. (SG1: "Threads")