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The Assassination of Jolinar of Malkshur was an event that took place in 1998 during the Tau'ri-Goa'uld War.


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Nasya is attacked by the Goa'uld.

On the run from the Goa'uld Ashrak Edrekh, the Tok'ra symbiote Jolinar of Malkshur leaves her host, blending with Quinta and hides on the planet Nasya. Edrekh tracks her there and disguises himself as a Nasyan as well to search for Jolinar. When SG-1 arrives on the planet, Edrekh orders a Goa'uld attack and Edrekh is badly burned and taken to Earth. SG-1 helps a group of local Nasyans flee through the Stargate. Captain Samantha Carter stops to give CPR to Quinta. He suddenly grabs her head, and Jolinar possesses her with everyone else unaware of the possession.

In the Line of Duty

Captain Samantha Carter possessed by Jolinar of Malkshur.

Jolinar, now possessing Carter, travels back to Stargate Command and pretends to be Carter. During an examination by Dr. Janet Fraiser, Fraiser mentions Cassandra Fraiser wanting to see her at the Air Force Academy Hospital tomorrow. The next day Jolinar visits Cassandra, who senses the Naquadah in her blood. After threatening Cassandra, Jolinar returns to Stargate Command for SG-1's next mission. Cassandra informs Colonel Jack O'Neill that Carter is a Goa'uld and he meets her in the Embarkation room and injects her with a sedative but it is not effective. After failing to use a gun to force them to let her go, Jolinar pulls a fragmentation grenade and demands to be let through the Stargate. The drugs finally take effect and she collapses and is taken to the brig.


Edrekh heals his wounds

Edrekh heals his wounds in the Air Force Academy Hospital and awakens and kills Dr. Jacobs and places him in his bed. He begins to search for Jolinar in the Nasyan patients but doesn't find her. Jolinar attempts to explain to O'Neill and Teal'c that she is a Tok'ra and not a Goa'uld,and that the System Lords have sent an Ashrak to hunt her but despite her efforts to convince SG-1 to let her go, they refuse to trust her. Edrekh uses his Hara'kesh and stolen uniform to get into the SGC and breaks into the brig. After killing two guards, he uses his hara'kesh to torture Jolinar until O'Neill and Teal'c arrive. He poses as an airman and tells O'Neill Carter is dead and leaves to pursue the killer. O'Neill takes Carter to the infirmary and Teal'c chases Edrekh to the Embarkation room where he takes Dr. Daniel Jackson hostage, trying to get Major General George S. Hammond to let him through the Stargate, but is shot twice by Teal'c with a Zat'nik'tel. Despite Frasier's best efforts, Jolinar dies, but the same Jolinar sacrifices herself to save Carter, who survives.[3]


Carter would retain some of the memories of Jolinar and this would lead her to the current refuge of the Tok'ra, allowing for Tau'ri-Tok'ra relations to fester.[4]


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