One of the first Wraith transformed by the Ancients between 10,900 and 11,000 years ago. Also known as Karios (human) Ashes(wraith) Old one (Current) .


Born on Athos as Karios he is seen pushing a cart with the future First mother Osprey toward the the ring of the Ancestors, described as having a plain and simple face yet having an inquisitive mind. He was intelligent enough to be accepted as an assistant to the Ancient scientists out of dozens of applicants.After he discovered what had happened to Osprey he felt so grief stricken at what he had done he volunteered to be with the second round of subjects. The Ancients transformed him and 98 other males and 9 females into the Wraith out of 200 test subjects 100 male 100 female, as he was newly transformed his memories temporarily taken from him his mental tenor was Ashes so named by Osprey.

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