"To be honest, I'd rather have a fleet of your ships here. A few of these babies and we could just..."
―Jack O'Neill to Thor.[src]

The Asgard fleet was one of the most technogically advanced fleets in both the Milky Way and Ida galaxies. The Asgard used these ships not only for defensive purposes, but also for exploration and scientific study. All Asgard vessels were capable of operating with as few as one person on board, suggesting that they possess numerous automated systems. The last Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet was Thor. The fate of the Asgard fleet after the Asgard self-destructed their planet is unknown, but it is assumed that the fleet was destroyed along with the Asgard.


After the defeat of Hathor, the System Lords's attention was drawn to the Tau'ri of Earth with the Goa'uld concluding that Humans from this world posed a threat to them. The Asgard became aware of this fact and attempted to protect the world where Thor met with Jack O'Neill to inform him of this development. Whilst offering his peoples assistance, Thor commented that the vast majority of the Asgard fleet was currently unavailable at the time. As a result, he suggested including Earth into the Protected Planets Treaty to spare it from destruction. (SG1: "Fair Game")

Asgard starshipsEdit

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