Aset is one of Ra's underlords and governor of the planet Abydos, long before a Tau'rì team officially arrived on the alien planet. The residence of Aset was the Temple of Aset.


Background InformationEdit

Aset is a powerful Goa’uld who administrates the Naquadah-rich planet of Abydos on behalf of the Supreme System Lord, Ra. Unlike many other Goa’uld, Aset has a nurturing approach to her subjects, often bestowing them with gifts that improve their health and therefore increases their ability to productively mine the mineral that serves as the lifeblood to Goa’uld dominance across the galaxy.

Despite holding a coveted position of power, Aset is very much an outlier in her views. This very un-Goa’uld approach might be a result of the traumatic events that once put her directly in the crosshairs of the all-powerful Ra and his famously short temper. Luckily, her skills as a scientist and engineer have helped Aset regain favor with the Supreme System Lord who is so preoccupied with fending off multiple suitors for his position, he has given Aset relative autonomy on Abydos.

With Ra's attention having been focused on more pressing matters for so long, Aset's rebellious approach has risen to foolhardy levels. Much to the disgust of her personal guard, Serqet, Aset finds herself in direct violation of countless Goa’uld rules. That appears to be of no concern to her, though, as she secretly harbors ambitions of one day rising to seize ultimate power for herself.[1] Ra eventually destroyed Aset for bearing a harcesis child and for plotting to usurp him.

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