Asdad was a planet where the System Lord Ba'al experimented with gravity technology. It has one moon.


Ba'al kept Asdad hidden from the rest of the Goa'uld System Lords. The planet contained Ba'al's fortress and after being kicked off of Kinahhi, Ba'al fled to Asdad and his fortress with the power core for his anti-gravity shield. According to a Jaffa legend about the event, Ba'al "was made mortal and fled the power of the gods, taking his broken shield and hiding his face in the mud of Asdad." Unable to use it as the rest of the technology was left behind on Kinahhi, Ba'al placed the power source in a shrine in his fortress on Asdad. Ba'al continued studying gravity technologies here like he did on Kinahhi, but without his shield, he wasn't able to do it on as great a level as he did on Kinahhi where he was able to create black holes. (SG1: "A Matter of Honor")

Eventually, the Tok'ra sent Kanan to map out the fortress in the guise of a minor Goa'uld in Ba'al's service. During his time there, Kanan had an affair with Shallan, Ba'al's lo'taur. After being implanted into Colonel Jack O'Neill, Kanan attempted to rescue Shallan. The plan failed, and O'Neill was captured and tortured. SG-1 sent the location of the planet to Yu, who dispatched his Ha'tak to attack, allowing O'Neill a chance to escape with Shallan. (SG1: "Abyss")

While performing research into Ba'al's anti-gravity technology in an effort to rescue SG-10 from P3W-451, SG-1 learned from Teal'c of the Jaffa legend about Ba'al fleeing to Asdad with his broken shield. When SG-1 met the Kinahhi, they were given the plans to Ba'al's shield device, but needed a power source capable of powering it. From his translations, Daniel realized that the name Asdad meant "fortress" and referred to the planet where Ba'al's ruined fortress was located. SG-1 traveled to Asdad against orders and raided Ba'al's fortress for it, finding the fortress heavily damaged, but not completely abandoned with a Jaffa presence left to presumably guard against the other System Lords raiding it. SG-1 found and stole the power source, escaping in one of the fortress' Tel'taks. As a result of the damage sustained in the raid, Ba'al's fortress was completely destroyed. (SG1: "A Matter of Honor")