Aschen warship is a class Aschen extra control spaceship used by Aschen. Warship is relatively flat, with gold and gray colored over the hull. (SG1: "Relativity")



Bridge has several stations that crew control the ship's weapons and engines and other critical systems.

Holding cellEdit

Holding cells on the warship has an anti-gravitational field that prevents prisoners to escape from the cell from the inside.


The warship has one stealth lander in the ship's hangar.

Transporter roomEdit

There is a known transporter room aboard the warship and make a direct link between the ship and the receiving conveyor.



Warship has a powerful energy shield system that can withstand multiple hits and localized to retain the atmosphere of the damaged parts of the ship.


Warship is equipped with a powerful cloaking device that allows the ship to fly through hyperspace one of the other spacecraft without being detected.


It is unknown what the warship uses form of propulsion if it is a chemical rockets or rocket motors of any kind, and achieve high accelerations. (SG1: "Relativity")

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