"...half the time the science they're talking about is so far over my head, I feel like a lab assistant..."
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The Aschen possess a level of technology that has been stated to be at least 100 years ahead of the Tau'ri. (SG1: "2001", "2010"). Compared to the Asgard and the Ancients they are still primitive; several million years behind, if not tens of millions.


Impressive examples of their superior technology include the enormous floating craft used to harvest crops. These crops are later transported to the Aschen homeworld or other Confederation planets offworld through the Stargate. The Aschen have also developed transportation technology, capable of transporting persons between continents in only seconds, and advanced bio-weapons. Aschen medicine is also very advanced, capable of developing vaccines against deadly diseases including cancer, drugs to double the human life-span, and machines that can mend broken bones in seconds.(SG1: "2010", "2001")

The Aschen are not interested in conventional warfare, instead preferring the use of bioweapons and long-term depopulation of targeted civilisations under the guise of benevolence. The Aschen are, as Mollem stated, "very patient" and tend to put plans into play that may sometimes take centuries to reach fruition. When encountering races technologically inferior to themselves they attempt to give an impression of benevolence by offering advanced technology and medicine, with the promise of more if the civilisation joins the Aschen Confederation.

However, their true intentions are horrific; once they have integrated themselves on a new planet they slowly and methodically become more and more influential. Their way of wiping out original populations without having to fire a shot is a "miracle vaccine" that doubles the life-span of humans and make them immune to most disease, but in the process sterilize them. Within a century or so the Aschen would make up 80%-90% of the total population on a planet such as Earth. Any revolt of what's left of the original population will be met with a Biogenic weapon. After they have transformed the planet in question into a pre-industrial farm land, some of the original population, often grown up in Aschen families and totally brainwashed about their past, are allowed to live "free", taking care of crops which the Aschen later take with their harvesters. Even if their homeworld once was advanced, these people are usually primitive since all they learn is to farm with simple tools.

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