The Aschen bioweapon was a bioweapon designed by Mirris to destroy the Tau'ri.


The Aschen bioweapon is a smart bioweapon designed to induce sterility in those infected by it. The virus had a 98% percent effectiveness and would instantly render those infected with it, both male and female, sterile. The virus would also terminate any existing pregnancies in those infected with it. Due to Mirris being sloppy while creating it, in an alternate timeline where it was unleashed, it mutated to jump species to infect plants and animals with only a few species of birds having a natural immunity to it for an unknown reason. Within thirty years, the virus was able to render the Earth a barren wasteland with only the immune birds still alive and even trees having died out. The intended vector for the virus was a plant from the Wanderer that was intended to bloom once exposed to the Earth's biosphere. Once released, the virus would remain dormant in those initially infected, not harming them but using them to spread to those they encountered. By the time the virus would go active a couple of months later, it would have spread globaly this way. It was also able to spread to thousands of other planets and infect them as well. The virus would eventually burn out though its effects would remain irreversible. (SG1: "Relativity")


In order to strike back at the Tau'ri for defeating them on Volia and killing several of their leaders by tricking them into dialing a black hole, the Aschen enlist one of their top scientists, Mirris, to create a smart bioweapon to force sterility upon the Tau'ri. As part of her plan, Mirris infected the Pack with a blight when they refused to join with the Aschen and made a deal with Ryn for him to give the bioweapon to the Tau'ri disguised as a flower from the Wanderer. However, time travelers from the future attempted to disrupt the treaty with the Pack due to the bioweapon's effects in their own future. During a battle on Kytos, Mirris was killed by a future version of Colonel Jack O'Neill and her Aschen warship was destroyed by a naquadria-fusion device. After Mirris' death and the exposure of Ryn as a traitor, the Tau'ri and the Pack were able to trace the bioweapon's location and destroy it before it could be released upon the Earth. (SG1: "Relativity")

Alternate timeline[]

In an alternate timeline, Mirris was successful in spreading the bioweapon upon the Earth. Due to the virus mutating and jumping species to plants and animals as well as humans, the Earth was left a barren wasteland within thirty years. The few survivors of the Tau'ri fled to other planets such as Chulak and Holdfast, but were left sterile and on the point of going extinct within a single generation. The virus also spread to thousands of other planets, presumably through Stargate missions by infected personnel before it went active and caused the same effects on those planets. While the virus eventually burnt out and disappeared, its effects remained permanent and combined with a war between Anubis and the Replicators, left the humans of the Milky Way galaxy on the verge of extinction. (SG1: "Relativity")

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