Artemis was a minor Goa'uld.



She was locked in her sarcophagus by SG-1 during their captivity on her planet, on their first mission after Major Kawalsky's death. („Stargate SG-1: Sacrifice Moon”). Major Samantha Carter mentioned her when SG-1 was on Xalótcan. (SG1: "City of the Gods")

Like Ra, Amaunet, Nirrti or other goa'ulds, Artemis chose for herself a beautiful host, tall as Samantha Carter, with long strong legs exposed by the short white tunic she wore, a heart-shaped face, wide brown eyes, curling brown hair piled in a complicated arrangement on top of her head and fastened with a silver crescent moon diadem. (SG1: "Sacrifice Moon")

Artemis' Symbol.