Arktos is the leader of the Urson on the Urson planet.


Sometime before the 2020s he met a Tau'ri who came to the Urson planet and the Tau'ri taught him English.

He and the other Urson originally welcomed the peaceful Tlak'kahn refugee's to their planet. However, when they saw how technologically advanced they were they began to fear them. Thinking they might take over. Arktos led the Urson to fight the Tlak'kahn.

Arktos met Major Gus Bonner and his team when they arrived to the Urson planet and Gus helped him fight a group of Tlak'kahn. Arktos liked them until Gus's team found out it was the Urson who originally started the fighting with the Tlak'kahn. Arktos ambushed them and said they were prisoners.

However, Gus and his team got away and met up with the Tlak'kahn prisoners that where now free. Arktos chased them down but Gus's team shot out the ice that covered the water that laid underneath. Arktos fell in and struggled to get out. The Tlak'kahn refugee leader Nik'ta saved him.

Arktos agreed to peace after this and then brought fish sticks to trade for the Tlak'kahn's crops.

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