Argan Loci was a Genii stationed on the planet Sorth.


Argan was a young sub commander, whose family was from Sorth. He realized the radiation that leaked from the planet's power station would draw either the people from Atlantis or the Wraith, so he watched over it.

In 2006, Dr. Radek Zelenka and Lieutenant McCray's team arrived and investigated the power plant. Argan and his team attacked and killed them all except for Radek. Argan's own whole team was also killed. Radek and Argan held a stalemate, until Radek convinced him to help him stop the power plant's meltdown. The Genii reinforcements showed up and attacked them both, but the two managed to stop the meltdown. However, Argan was severely injured from the attack.

Zelenka had the Daedalus beam Argan aboard and he was treated in the infirmary. He was worried his people considered him a traitor now, but Zelenka insisted he wasn't because he saved the Genii on Sorth. He then died. (SGA: "Meltdown")

Behind the scenes

Argan Loci was originally a female Genii with the name of Jocasta Loci but this was changed before the release of Stargate Atlantis: Meltdown.[1]

References and notes

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