Ardent is a young Wraith Commander and the brother of Queen Death.



After being transformed into a Wraith, Doctor Rodney McKay, now known as Quicksilver, accompanies Dust to a common room where Ardent is playing a game with two other Wraith. As Quicksilver listens, Ardent argues with his friends about how he, as Queen Death's brother, would make a better Consort for Queen Steelflower than Guide. One of Ardent's friends chastises him, telling Ardent that he is not ready to be a Consort yet, not even to a minor queen such as Queen Steelflower. Ardent's other friend reminds him of the time that Queen Steelflower destroyed one of Locust's hive ships when it trespassed upon her feeding ground without giving it quarter, but Ardent dismisses the story as exaggerated and probably Guide's victory. Ardent and his friends argue about Ardent's idea to be Queen Steelflower's Consort, nearly leading to a fight before Dust stops them. Ardent is angered by being interrupted by Dust and further angered by Dust bringing Quicksilver into his presence. Not aware of his true nature, Quicksilver apologizes for whatever he has done to anger Ardent who deems Quicksilver of not being worthy of being his enemy. Ardent leaves the room in a huff and Dust tells Quicksilver that Ardent is young, hot-blooded and has no respect for clevermen and the battles that can be won with the mind rather than the knife. While acknowledging this, Quicksilver is still confused by Ardent's apparent personal grudge against him, but Dust dismisses his concerns. (SGA: "The Lost")

When Quicksilver leads the Raid on Atlantis, Ardent is assigned with Wakeful to command the Wraith warriors that accompany Quicksilver to Atlantis' ZPM Hub to steal the city's ZPM. Ardent is sent with several warriors in one of the Atlantis transporters to check that the coast is clear and he and Wakeful then lead the warriors in defending the hallway while Quicksilver and Ember steal the ZPM. Quicksilver, Ember and Ardent escape in a stolen Puddle Jumper, but Wakeful is killed by a security team led by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard while trying to retreat through the transporter to the Jumper Bay. (SGA: "Allegiance")

When Guide and Queen Steelflower board Queen Death's hive ship, Revenant, they are joined by Ardent shortly after the George Hammond attacks. As Ardent approaches them, Guide demands to know why the hive ship is attacking Just Fortune when they came aboard in good faith, but Ardent insists upon their innocence, telling them that its the ship of She Who Carries Many Things. Queen Steelflower demands that she and Guide return to their ship immediately, but a nervous Ardent admits that he can't let them do that. After Queen Steelflower asks if they are prisoners, Ardent admits he doesn't believe so and is conflicted upon whether or not to allow them to return to their ship. Before Ardent can make up his mind, an older Wraith Commander approaches and Ardent explains the situation to him. As the older Commander and the six Wraith warriors in the chamber attack, Ardent draws his weapon in confusion but stays out of the fight, at one point having a killed warrior shoved into him. Ardent witnesses Guide and Queen Steelflower defeat the warriors and the older Commander commit suicide rather than submit to Queen Steelflower. After the death of the older Commander, Queen Steelflower turns on Ardent and demands he submit to her. Ardent instantly does, his eyes glittering with admiration and desire. Ardent lets them leave without a further fight and is left behind in the reception hall with the dead bodies of his fellow Wraith.

Shortly afterwards, the hive ship is destroyed by a ZPM overload set by Guide killing all aboard, including Ardent. (SGA: "The Furies")

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